Open Season On White Cincinnati College Students

Going to a communist indoctrination center offers many opportunities for naive young Whites to enrich themselves with the wonders of diversity. They'll get to know the jew through the marxist lectures and the massive debt to kosher money-lenders. They'll be exposed to sexual perversion of every possible flavor and encouraged to participate as much as possible. Just don't marry and have White children, of course, that's the one "lifestyle choice" we don't approve of. Then there's a chance to share in the soulful joys of the "African American" community, which is such a refreshing break from boring and uncool Whites. This process generally includes pack attacks and robberies of both the "gone right" and "gone wrong" variety.

A group of teenagers assaulted four college students Saturday night just a few blocks from the University of Cincinnati, authorities said.

The usual dinosaur media whitewashing. When are we going to demand that race is accurately reported in these endless stories of unaware Whites and predatory negroes? This is why the internet has exploded in popularity as a news source. We're all sick of the lies.

Investigators said 10 teenagers repeatedly punched the students but didn't attempt to steal anything. One victim received treatment for facial injuries at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. 

Another knockout game attack. Are we still going to pretend it's not really happening?

One of the students injured in the attack said he was walking by when he attempted to stop the beating. That’s when he became a victim himself.

If you're unarmed you're not going to stop anything. You will become the next victim.

“I sort of jumped in just to make sure that nothing bad was going to happen and they started just going to town on all of us," the student, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

Negroes "going to town" on communist indoctrination center victims. This is the rot consuming the corpse of America.

The incident on Saturday is the latest in a string of violent activities near UC’s campus in Clifton.

Please don't come to the obvious racial conclusions.

The Cincinnati Rot.

On Tuesday, there were two robberies where students had their cellphones stolen at gunpoint. In both instances, which happened at about 11 p.m., a person with a handgun approached students and demanded their phones.

More robberies committed by "persons." No arrests were made. 

Investigators suspect the same person is behind both offenses.

Don't worry, Officer Shithead and his 90 I.Q. will surely crack this incredibly complex case.

"There comes a point when you get desensitized to the topic," said Elizabeth Bradford, a freshman at the university. "Some days you get up to five emails (from UC) - it becomes normal then, like, you cross your fingers when you walk home hoping that it's not me."

"I sure hope the negro animals don't get me." Eloi being devoured by the dark monsters. Lambs to the kosher slaughter.

Classmate Mitchell Dodd said it's important to remain alert and avoid precarious situations.

It's just a coincidence that all of those "precarious situations" involve the same failed race and its predictable, hate-filled targeting of Whites.

The department plans to hire seven more officers by April.

Seven multiplied by zero.

In addition to extra police officers, university officials sent students a letter in January that listed several safety precautions.

What should have been in the letter: Be armed. Be vigilant. Avoid the negro areas. Negroes commit at least seven to ten times the violent crime as Whites and even that number is low when you remember that Jesus Garcia magically becomes White in crime reports.

The tips include keeping a radio on when you're not at home, using a deadbolt lock and trimming your hedges to a certain length to control visibility into your windows.

Trim your hedges, Whitey. This will surely save you from the stone age horde.

More victims of the undeclared, one-sided race war that has been steadily getting worse. A dinosaur media afraid to name the problem, a kosher government full of criminals glad that this is happening. Worthless advice full of bizarre references to radios and hedges instead of guns and ammunition. The rot keeps spreading. White nationalism is the answer. 


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