Race Erased in New Orleans Attacks

Is it possible to be White in today's U.S.S.A. and still be completely unaware of even basic racial realities? I'm not talking about the willful ignorance of the marxist sociopath or the calculated dishonesty of the careerist scumbag. I'm referring to a White person who honestly, without any agenda or quid pro quo, thinks that there are no biologically based racial differences. Is it even possible? I have to concede that it might be. It would certainly help explain some of the more oblivious behavior that occurs right before Whites become the latest victims of the low-level race war currently raging in Western nations.

Consider today's story, where what I can only assume are Whites, decided to get on bicycles and perform their Tour De France impression in one of the worst negro areas currently available, with predictable and inevitable consequences. The obfuscation from the dinosaur media that followed insured these incidents will continue.

New Orleans police are looking for attackers who twice used baseball bats to bash bicyclists on Esplanade Avenue, officers said Monday. In both cases, two people hit the cyclists in the head.

We're not going to be giving you any description of the "attackers" so the old "no arrests were made" is going to be the outcome.

The first incident was reported Friday at 2:20 a.m. near the intersection of Esplanade and North Robertson Street. A man was riding his bicycle on Esplanade when a male believed to be 16 to 18 years old jumped in front of him.

Riding your goofy swipple-cycle through the American Africa at two in the morning. This total lack of even the most basic self-preservation instincts is difficult to explain, even allowing for the endless "we all beez equal" drivel foaming out of the electronic synagogue and the communist indoctrination centers we sometimes call "college."

The bicyclist slowed, then another male of about the same age came into the street with an aluminum bat. The attacker hit the cyclist in the mouth.

"Well, let's see what this African American teen wants." Bad idea. Then a bat to the face courtesy of a failed race of genetic aliens.

This sort of crime is becoming an entire subset of the war on Whites. Maybe in three years a jew on a bike will get shoved by a "teen" and we'll finally get some national attention for this.

When police responded to that attack, they said they learned of a similar incident in the 1200 block of Esplanade. A man was riding his bicycle two males approached, and one hit him in the head with a black bat, fracturing his skull.

New Orleans has truly become the chocolate city, complete with all the usual pathology.

This looks like a good place for my next "bike hike."

Anyone with more information on the attacks may call Crimestoppers Inc. at 504.822.1111 or detective Tristan Carter at 504.658.6010.

Considering the lack of description, race erasure and the proud "no snitchin'" policy of the negro heart of darkness I wouldn't be staring at that phone waiting for it to ring, detective.

We have free speech as long as we shut up. We have the freedom to petition for redress, knowing full well no one will listen or care. We have the freedom of movement, as long as we avoid the countless "African American" no-go zones. The remains of a once great nation, now divided into South Sudans in miniature and huddled White enclaves. The rot continues to spread. The collapse is coming.


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