Sick Joke: Four Year Sentence For Murdering a White Man

The rule of law is vanishing. We're probably going to start hearing calls for "Prison Amnesty" soon, since we all know the justice system is "races" and the White juries that convicted so many aspiring neurosurgeons and rappers are little more than hate-filled lynch mobs punishing obviously innocent "teens." Besides, we could never hope to actually punish all these criminals and so we should just give up because that's easier.

Another strong possibility is the introduction of a "quota system" that will insure negroes and la-teen-ohs get comically lenient sentences for their traditional pathology while the White criminals (and, of course, Thought Criminals) are given the harshest possible punishments in the interest of "social justice." We're already seeing this nonsense in public schools. It's just a matter of time before "fairness" demands that knockout game negroes and meskin sewage get slaps on the wrist while Whites that commit Face Crime or say the En word disappear for decades, if not permanently.

As usual, the United Kaliphate is way ahead of the U.S.S.A. in the race to total collapse. This is the place where religion of peace criminals weren't punished because they didn't know what alcohol was. During a five day riot from this same religion of peace the authorities were mostly concerned with jailing "vigilantes" trying to defend their property from savage jihadans. Now we get a joke sentence for a senseless murder committed by, you guessed it, an "immigrant."

Andrew Young, 40, paid an appalling price for his good citizen act of challenging a cyclist who was  riding on the pavement.

Let's try to reason with a 65 I.Q. animal fresh out of the African all against all. He should listen, they're just suntanned Whites after all, ask any kollege professor.

May this fair dear land we love so well in dignity and freedom dwell.

When the conversation ended Lewis Gill, who was with Mr Ibitoye, punched Mr Young, taking him by surprise.

I don't think this is the so-called "knockout game" because we've been repeatedly told by the dinosaur media it's not real and they would never lie to us about racial issues.

Gill, who has a conviction for handling stolen goods as well as robbery, then walks away, with a glance back at his motionless victim.

This worthless piece of dog shit is obviously no stranger to joke sentences for its predictable failure. It just walked away. This is the content of their character, their anti-soul.

The end result of "diversity."

Yesterday Gill, 20, pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter for which he was jailed for just four years.

Here's one for the "worse is better" delusionals: what do you think the chances are that this latest outrage will lead to some spontaneous miracle where Britain wakes from its coma and starts removing the foreign invader? Yeah, you're right. Zero. We can't just passively sit back and hope enough consecutive defeats somehow forms a victory. We have to get active, we have to wake people up. What are you doing to save yourself, your family and your race?

Four years in the "crib" for killing a White man and this genetic alien is unlikely to serve more than half of even that joke of a punishment. It will then be released to kill again. The goal is White genocide. 

‘I’m a committed Christian but I think that if someone takes a life they should be prepared to forfeit their own.’

"Please don't punish me for speech crime."

Explaining why Gill would receive just four years, Judge  Cutler told him: ‘What I have had to look at is what was in your mind at the time you threw that punch.

Yeah, what was in the pea brain of this turd at the time of the attack? We'll never know for sure, but "I gwine kill dis wite debil" seems likely.

‘You wanted to cause some injury to Mr Young. If you wanted to cause grievous bodily harm it would have been a murder charge. You are very, very lucky that was not in fact the outcome.’

Talmudic jurisprudence in a ruined nation. R.I.P. U.K.

In mitigation, Steven Perian said: ‘He wishes he could turn back the clock and not react in the way he did.’

If only the United Kaliphate could "turn back the clock" to a time when it was White and sane.

Negro murders receive less prison time than Whites who say words that have been deemed criminal by the marxist jews. A formerly White nation is annexed by the darkness. Red, white and blue, what does it mean to you? Britons, awake.


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