The Jew vs. The Zoo: Somalis Riot at Communist Caucus

The jew looks forward to the day when he will receive his 2800 gentile slaves, presumably made up of the mindless tan everyman that will wander aimlessly in America's desolation after Whites have been exterminated. For some reason the nation wreckers expect this brown mass to be docile and easily ruled over. In reality the average White "we must love Israel!" sleeper is the ideal situation, but our enemy is so hell-bent on our destruction that even their own self-interest is discarded in the process. The brown ruin of Coca-Cola America is going to be a cannibal state, an all against all war between competing victim groups. Even the dumbest negro will eventually figure out that the man with the #6 nose and little cap isn't poor like everyone else and decide to violently extract some of that geld.

The only alternative to this endless dark night is a White nation. There certainly is no hope in jew communism.

Rowdy, fighting crowds cut short a neighborhood precinct caucus Tuesday in Cedar-Riverside, where Mohamud Noor is challenging longstanding state Rep. Phyllis Kahn.

Isn't "diversity" a wonderful thing? Dark aliens participate in hypocritical democracy, violently expressing their disapproval for the jew zookeeper.

Nearly 300 people crowded into the gymnasium of the Brian Coyle Community Center on Tuesday, but tension and scuffles between attendees shut down the caucus 40 minutes in.

Our greatest strength. The empty promises of marxism are helpless against racial determinism.

Hamdi Abdujalil, 18, said attendees screamed when Noor arrived at the meeting, insisting they “register” with the candidate.

What group of aliens can scream the loudest? This is what Democracy looks like.

"I'd like to buy the world a Coke..."

Day said the altercations at the precinct caucus were unusual — something the party hasn’t dealt with in the past — and it’s unknown if the event will reschedule in a different form.

It's almost like importing muhammadan negroes with an average I.Q. of 65 and a predisposition for violence has actual consequences. Nah, couldn't be that. Must just be one of those "communist rallies gone wrong."

“We have to talk to folks and figure out what exactly went down,” he said.

"Yo, stop chil-den what dat sound? Erry bodee look wat goin' dahwn."

Kahn, who has been serving in the state Legislature for more than four decades, said this election is different from any other because Noor has strong backing in the district because of his community ties.

A worthless jew reptile "serves" the cause of White destruction for nearly half a century. Maybe she'll finally get bitten by the animals her tribe unleashed. 

“The major issue is the Somali opponent will have major support in the Somali community,” she said.

Yeah. No shit. The only racial group that doesn't think this way is Whites. We've paid a heavy price for that interest in "fairness."

Prior to the event, Kahn said she’s confident in the race and that her successful track record will win her another term.

"Oy vey, I've been nation-wrecking a lot longer than this shvatsa. My whole family went up a chimney, now I have to deal with the pathology I voted for. Oy, so humid..."

A Somali religious, racial and cultural alien battles a jewish religious, racial and cultural alien for the right to rule over ruins. This is the profound ugliness of today's U.S.S.A., a nation that has lost its mind and soul. The cracks in the facade are already obvious. The collapse is inevitable.

America the Ugly.


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