We Beat His Ass

Is there a future for Whites? In Europe the transformation into islamic kaliphates is nearly complete. Entire areas have been annexed by dark alien jihadans. In the U.S.S.A. our criminal government continues to ignore the will of the people, importing millions of foreign invaders while continuing to pander to the negro, the sodomite and, of course, that special light of the world. The Whites that finance this peaceful disaster, that feed Moloch with their money and children, that must suffer the predictable abuses caused by an unprecedented national suicide, are not only considered expendable but are actively being targeted for genocide. They want us dead.

Ignore your lying eyes, says the kosher marxist. The negro pathology is the result of "poverty" and "races courts" and not, say, a 15 point difference in average I.Q. combined with poor impulse control and lack of future orientation. No, no, it's all Whitey's fault and if we just keep paying they'll magically become a dusky approximation of a civilized human being. Meanwhile the undeclared one-sided race war continues.

A Johnson City woman who walked up on the aftermath of a downtown assault early Sunday said the incident was similar to the so-called Knockout game.

You must be mistaken. After all, the dinosaur media told us it isn't real. Ignore reality and listen to some careerist scumbag getting marching orders from Big jew.

Johnson City police released limited details about the assault, but indicated they need the public’s help in finding who is responsible.

"No arrests were made."

“He was waiting to cross the road and the black males, one of them hit him in the head,” said Katelyn Breeding.

Crossing the road gone wrong. "Random" attacks that always seem to conform to the same pattern. Another forgotten White victim. "It's not real!" shrieks our enemy. "Stop with the HATE. Everything you say is HATE HATE HATE!" A White man is left for dead by savage negro monsters.

She said it was similar to what’s referred to Knockout, which is reportedly when one or more assailants try to knock out an unsuspecting person with a single sucker punch. Police have not confirmed any information about the assault being a result of Knockout.

Yeah, "reportedly." How many of these appalling incidents have to happen before the lies stop? Oddly enough when the chosen ones are hit with a backlash by the animals they unleashed the system suddenly cares.

“One of them walked up and hit him in the head and he hit his head on the crosswalk pole and they were hitting and kicking him,” she said.

We need to be armed and vigilant. Avoid the negro areas. Be ready to defend yourself.

 Highly disingenuous kosher reporting on the undeclared race war.

“We walked through the breezeway to public parking. There were five or six black males who ran by us talking and yelling about they had been in a fight. They were yelling, ‘We got him, we got him,’ and ‘We beat his ass, we beat his ass,’” Breeding said.

Sixty years of pandering, hand-outs, set-asides, special preferences, lies, negro appeasement and cowardice. This is the end result. This is the content of their character. We are not equal. Not even close. These dangerous animals need to be removed.

Brookshire is listed in critical condition a the Johnson City Medical Center, according to a Mountain States Health Alliance spokesman.

Here's hoping that Obama Card covers this sort of thing.

Police investigators and EMS responded to the scene at 150 West State of Franklin Road around 3 a.m. and found Brookshire on the ground at the crosswalk between the Downtown Square parking lot and the Cherry Street parking lot.

We got there just in time to mill around, awkwardly hold giant guns, mill around some more and then leave.

Our future remains to be written. We hold the pen. We can save ourselves, but only if we work together to build a White nation from the ruins of the coming meltdown. The U.S.S.A. is dead, murdered by a tiny, wildly unrepresentative minority while Whites were asleep at the switch. Now we must survive the fires of the crematory and rise from the ashes.


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