White Grandfather Helps Negro, Is Murdered

Elderly Whites need to die so that the already rapid progress of the spiritual cancer consuming the West can increase even more. Older Whites remember a time before our nation went mad, a time before the disastrous jewish century bore its awful harvest. Now they are preyed upon by negro animals, demonized by the dinosaur media and forgotten by our criminal government. This is only going to get worse. You do not want to be White and elderly in the U.S.S.A. in twenty years time, or even ten years on its current trajectory. Whites have been targeted for genocide by the kosher marxists and the vulnerable are going to be the first ones eliminated. The do-gooder, the liberal true believer, our women, our elderly, our children. This is the pure evil we're up against.

Today we get a story of "opening a door gone wrong." Another horrible scene from a dying nation.

A 69-year-old Minnesota man has been shot dead after opening his door to a man who claimed he was being chased.

Do not open your door to the negro, especially a "teen" with a highly dubious story of being chased (perhaps by a lynch mob of evil Whiteys). The negro knows that the average White is a good person that cares about doing the "right thing." They exploit this as a weakness. We have no obligation to do anything for the negro. We've already done far too much. Keep the door locked. Be armed. Stay alive. No one will save you but yourself.

Thomas Sonnenberg called 911 at 11:46am Friday for 20-year-old Devon Derrick Parker who police say told him he was being pursued by assailants with baseball bats.

Age 20 teen. "I be gettin' chased by de BAT MAN!!!" A White man tries to help and pays a heavy price, just like our entire race has paid a heavy price for decades of negro appeasement. No more.

When police arrived at the home on the 3700 block of North Aldrich Avenue in north Minneapolis, they found Sonnenberg dead.

The "no arrests were made" squad rolls up far too late. 911 is not going to protect you.

Evolutionary dead-end preyed on Whites.

'He thought he was helping someone in need, that's why he let him into the house,' she said.

The madness of America's racial policies in miniature. 

Thomas Sonnenberg's wife Elaine Sonnenberg, 68, was in the kitchen at the time of the shooting. 'When the murderer found out she was here, he threw her around and choked her, and he was going to rape her,' Baldwin told Mail Online.

The content of their character. A worthless failed race. This savage negro dog shit wanted to rape an elderly White woman. This garbage must be removed from our lands if we're going to survive as a people.

Police, who Thomas Sonnenberg had called on Parker's behalf, arrived before he could escape.

Incredibly the 90 I.Q. squad caught the negro. This alien monster will soon stand before the "races" justice system and earn a ticket to negro world where our taxes will keep it fed and clothed. 

Sonnenberg 'seems like an innocent victim. From all indications, this is not a bad guy, a drug deal gone wrong, or anything like that,' Elder told the Star Tribune.

Not a "drug deal gone wrong." More excellent reporting from the dinosaur media.

Court records show that Parker was on probation for a felony assault in 2011. Records show he has been booked on numerous felony charges, including shooting at a public vehicle or facility and throwing bodily fluids or feces and has drug and trespassing convictions.

A monkey throwing its own waste. This animal went through the revolving door of the system over and over, until it finally murdered a White man. We can't have a civilized society with these creatures in it. 

'He had a big heart,' she said. 'He had helped people before who had come to his door. He was not stupid, he thought he was helping this person.'

We're surrounded by dangerous genetic aliens. We have to protect ourselves. Don't let your guard down when dealing with a negro. 

Another appalling crime for the memory hole, another good White man lost to negro pathology. A glimpse of the ugly future if we can't save our lands.

No place for this in a White nation.


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