Big Brother Catches Negro Terrorists in North Carolina

The two competing forces in today's America are the growing police state and the all against all terror that naturally arises from the "diversity" of identical looking, thinking and behaving dark bipeds. For this wonderful salad dish to even partially function requires a massive Orwellian presence that would be completely unnecessary in a White nation. It's an endless struggle to try to control the base impulses of 85 I.Q. religion of peace members via the erosion of rights, endless surveillance and a general chilling atmosphere of mistrust and fear. We are constantly surrounded by hostile alien faces and behind those sullen brown masks lurk hatred and pathology.

This is the great strength of diversity.

Planes linked to a company with FBI connections circled a north Raleigh neighborhood for weeks before a Wednesday raid that resulted in terrorism charges against two men. 

Please ignore the Ministry of Love planes circling your neighborhood for weeks. Everything is fine. Go back to your talmudvision, back to your high fat diet, back to your booze and pills, back to sleep.

Authorities said in court documents that Akbar Jihad Jordan and Avin Marsalis Brown planned to travel to Syria and Yemen to fight for Islam.

Take the expected failure of the American negro and then add the beautiful and great religion of islam and this is what you get. North Carolina jihadists. Could someone please tell me why we prevented these animals from going to Syria to put on the "heaven robe?" Didn't we, as a nation, have the exact same crazy plan just a few months ago?

Federal law prohibits conspiring to kill or maim people outside the U.S.

Which is why the jews behind the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are all in prison now. Wait, they're not? Huh. How about that.

FBI agents seized several weapons, including an AK-47 rifle and a sword, along with ammunition from the apartment off Gresham Lake Road that Jordan, 21, shared with his mother.

See, Big Brother is your friend! It caught crazed sword-wielding negro jihadans and saved Yemeni lives. 

Airplanes equipped with electronic monitoring equipment have been circling the area where Jordan lives for about a month, flying the same path for up to eight hours a day.

"We gwine cut up dem Yeh-mans fo' allah. Yo, why dat playne be circlin' all dey?"

FBI agents moved on the alleged conspiracy involving Jordan and Brown this week because Brown, 21, was about to leave the country, court records show.

And we must prevent negroes from leaving the country at all costs.

The negro terrorist next door.

Confidential informants told the FBI that Brown and Jordan, a 2011 Millbrook High School graduate, began talking last May about going overseas to engage in jihad. Jordan "functioned as a type of physical fitness, firearms and tactics instructor to Brown" and often displayed a cache of weapons and ammunition in his apartment, records state.

The content of their character, the fruits of the religion of peace.

Jordan even stated at one point that he slept on his kitchen floor with an AK-47 and a Quran to empathize with Muslims in Syria.

I wonder if Obama was doing that, before we were humiliated by Russia. 

The pair planned to use a charity as a cover for their travels, saying the government would have a hard time making a terrorism case against them if they argued they were on a charitable mission overseas, according to court records.

Isn't White do-gooding a wonderful thing? It provides useful cover stories for negro terrorists, leads to the deaths of Whites, etc.

The case is similar to that of Basit Javed Sheikh, a Cary man accused of planning to fight in Syria for a group linked to al-Qaida. The FBI arrested him at RDU in November after he told people he wanted to be a martyr for Islam.

For future reference this is only acceptable in the U.S.S.A. if it's Big Jew funding the jihadans with kosher counterfeit to destabilize the region and/or our criminal government arming the terrorists or sending Whites to die for them in the American Golem.

In addition to the expected failure, any given negro might also be in an ugly death cult. Our government responded with massive hypocrisy and police state. Whites are forced to fund this mess and to live near it. The solution is not more Big Brother, the solution is a White nation. 


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