Court Rules That Negro Killer is Too Delusional and Moronic to Punish

The average I.Q. of the American negro is 85. This means that a significant percentage of negroes return scores that are not really exceptionally low by negro standards but would be considered mentally retarded in a White or Asian. Combine this with typical negro Dunning-Kruger delusion and you get something that isn't compatible with White civilization or White jurisprudence. The level of awareness and intelligence the justice system expects of the so-called "reasonable man" is simply beyond your typical "African American." This is why we need prison amnesty. It's wrong to punish idiotic negroes for their horrific crimes. So very wrong.

The Supreme Court of Georgia has thrown out the conviction and death sentence of a man convicted in Macon County of the murder of a bank vice president.

Did new evidence surface exonerating this "man?" New witnesses? An angle no one ever considered turned up by those tireless and heroic people that try to overturn capital murder convictions? Well, no.

In today’s unanimous decision, Justice Keith Blackwell writes that the evidence supports a lower court’s conclusion that Artemus Rick Walker was incompetent due to mental illness when he was tried and convicted of the 1999 murder of Lynwood Ray Gresham.

What we call mental illness is actually the normal disposition of the negro. Lack of future orientation. Poor impulse control. Inability to link cause and effect. Hatred for Whites. This is the sickness of a failed race, not a poor negro with a one in a million insanity.

This is the second time the case has been before the high court. When Walker’s case first came up for appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court upheld his death sentence and murder conviction.

For some reason we kept reviewing this open-and-shut case of animal savagery. In a sane nation this monster would have been put down long ago.

Walker devised a plan to rob Gresham, who was vice president of the bank located next door to the service station Walker owned.

Wait, this "mentally ill" and "incompetent" simian owned a business and developed a premeditated plan for his "robbery gone wrong" instead of just targeting the first available White? This puts this turd into about the 95th percentile of negro criminal functioning. If we can't punish this savage we're going to have to release almost every other identical looking and behaving negro criminal.

Prison amnesty here we come.

Several days before the crimes, Walker hired Gary Lee Griffin to work at his service station. He asked Griffin if he would help him “rob and kill” a “rich” man. On May 12, 1999, Walker borrowed an automobile and drove with Griffin to his hotel where they picked up Griffin's bicycle before driving to Walker's apartment.

Again, note the planning and premeditation that went into this. "We gwine bag us de rich man." Take note, nation-wreckers. The animals you've unleashed on the West are going to turn on you more and more as Whites vanish and flee.

When Walker and Gresham began struggling, Walker told Griffin to use the stun gun on Gresham, but Griffin refused. Griffin also refused when Walker told him to stab Gresham with the knife. Griffin then gave the knife to Walker, who stabbed Gresham 12 times in the chest and back.

Obviously not competent. This is like the negro version of Mission Impossible for crying out loud. Then the horrific murder, the African all against all coming soon to a White area near you.

Walker dragged Gresham, who was still alive, to the side of the house and hid him in some bushes, where he was later found dead.

This appalling crime is not going to be punished. Another forgotten victim.

Walker then told Griffin he had “one more to kill” and asked Griffin for Gresham's keys.

The content of their character.

Walker tried to unlock the door to Gresham's house, but Gresham's wife, Roberta Gresham, locked a chain lock and foot lock on the door and called police. Her daughter yelled to Walker that she had a gun.

If only she actually had that gun it might have saved a life and ended the negro animal. Instead we have a forgotten victim and criminal dog shit excused by our "races" justice system.

Walker and Griffin then rode away on their bicycles. Griffin was arrested nearby after he crashed his bicycle.

A living fossil flees on a bicycle and somehow crashes it. These are our equals, the raw material for a healthy democracy.

He was sentenced to death plus a life term and 35 years in prison. In 2007, when the case came up for direct appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously upheld Walker’s convictions and sentence.

There was some limited sanity, but not too much. We didn't put this creature down or anything.

Following a hearing, the habeas court in Butts County, where death row is located, ruled in Walker’s favor and granted him a writ of habeas corpus

It also concluded that Walker’s trial counsel had been ineffective in violation of Walker’s constitutional right to effective counsel for failing to pursue the issue of his competence and failing to present mitigating evidence regarding his mental health.

All of this translates to "eroding rule of law."

"Mentally Ill" negro came up with a complex plan to kill Whitey.

“For this reason, we must affirm the grant of the writ and the vacating of Walker’s convictions and sentences. The State may, of course, retry Walker, but only if he is competent at the time of retrial.”

"Whites will continue to pay tax dollars to support this murderous animal, assuming he doesn't somehow get released to commit more crimes."

According to a number of witnesses, including his mother, brother and sister, in his late teens, Walker slipped into increasingly psychotic-like behavior.

Or "typical negro behavior" as it is also called.

A bizarre technicality may unleash a bloody-thirsty living fossil. This is the future of our dead nation. Expect the full-blown prison amnesty soon. We can't punish the negro, it's predictable failure is an "illness." Let them out. I hope you're armed and ready, White man.


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