Football Negro Raped Nine Women in Five States

If you claim to be fighting for White interests but you also watch kosher sports you're still half-asleep. There have been few more successful jewish take-overs of a formerly White institution. Today the Africa Ball provides a steady stream of communist sewage: negro worship, miscegenation, feminism, materialism, gun control, the sodomite agenda and more. In a game where the ball isn't in play and the players mill around doing nothing the majority of the time there are plenty of opportunities for "teachable moments" and "narratives." Find a White person that's deep in the kosher coma and there's a good chance the comatose body is hooked up to the I.V. of sports addiction.

Meanwhile, the typical negro behavior of the "hero" athletes has a bad habit of seeping through. Like the story of a negro animal that used his fame to commit a series of rapes all across the land of the fee and the home of the slave.

Former NFL All-Pro safety Darren Sharper must remain in a Los Angeles jail without bail after he was indicted in Arizona on charges of drugging and sexually assaulting two women, a California judge ruled on Thursday.

Think about how many White people worshiped this criminal turd, how many paid ridiculous prices to wear its replica jersey or own some scrap autographed by this creature. Negro idolatry, Whites playing negro dress-up. Their god was a rapist. Think about it, but be sure to have the air sickness bag ready.

In Los Angeles, the 38-year-old Sharper has pleaded not guilty to charges involving the rape and drugging of two women he met in a West Hollywood bar.

Care to bet your "season tickets" that the victims were White, sports fan?

He was previously released on $1 million bail in the California case but turned himself in on February 27 after an arrest warrant was issued in New Orleans. He has not been charged in that state.

Talk about "sideline to sideline coverage." Coast to coast sex crimes from a worthless piece of garbage, a crime spree fully funded by the White sports lemming.

Sharper is also under investigation in Florida and Nevada and authorities suspect he may have raped nine women in total.

Those are just the ones we know about it.

Rape ape was worshiped by debased Whites.

'We know that Darren will vigorously deny the allegations,' Sharper's Arizona attorney Skip Donau said Wednesday. 'We are hopeful of vindication.'

"I din do nuffin'!"

In a bail motion filed last month, a Los Angeles County investigator described a pattern in which the former football star met women at clubs or parties and lured them to a hotel room, where they were allegedly drugged and raped.

The content of their character. Cheer louder Whitey, this sex beast can run while holding a ball!

The New Orleans warrant says police learned from witnesses that Sharper and an associate had acknowledged having non-consensual sex with two women. Sharper's attorneys say he never made such statements.

"Aw yea nigga, I be rapin' dese sno hoes. I can't bee-leev da dum wite debil be fundin' mah crames."

He retired after the 2010 season and was working as an analyst for the NFL Network before being fired recently.

There goes its plumb kosher job offering "analysis" like "dat be da big tug" and "he be runnin' da bawl." If this negro had just behaved itself it could have lived its entire life in White-financed luxury, but instead its animal nature has earned it a ticket to the green bar hotel.

Turn off the electronic synagogue. Stop idolizing criminal negroes and passively listening to cultural marxist sermons while inhaling beer with a little "U" on the bottle. Wake up and learn the truth. Our survival is at stake. The answer is White nationalism.


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