Foreign Invaders Make Demands in U.S.S.A.

It's good that we're being flooded with millions of unwashed welfare colonists. Just ask anyone with any kind of authority. Ask the megachurch "jay-sus loves your sin!" JUDEO-christians praying for their own destruction. Ask any billionaire bastard. Ask the jew. They'll tell you. We need "comprehensive reform" that can be summarized as a total and complete surrender of the remains of a once great nation to foreign, alien elements that are mostly concerned in scavenging the national corpse, maybe eating those delicious dead eyes. Even this isn't enough, as usual. The invaders aren't happy that there's still some pathetic, token resistance to the fundamental transformation of a formerly White nation into a Latin American sewer.

President Barack Obama's surprise announcement last week that his administration would change its deportation policy to become more "humane" shows how the immigration battle has narrowed after months of congressional deadlock.

The communist humane society, recognizing the dignity of the weaponized brown mass. A nation that has lost its mind and soul. This will hasten the coming collapse, but it's worth it for a few more days of pretending to be in control of the teeming mass or cheap burritos or whatever other imaginary benefit we gain from the Third World mudslide.

As recently as last year, immigrant rights activists, along with an unusually broad coalition of business, labor and religious groups, were united in their demand that Congress pass a sweeping bill to both remove the threat of deportation from many of the 11 million people here illegally and eventually make them citizens.

"Unusually broad" is right. Every criminal, every wire-puller, every slumbering White do-gooder seems to agree that El Salvadoran garbage is a great thing.

They have pressured Obama to limit the number of people sent back overseas, which led to his administration's announcement Thursday of a review of deportation policies after a meeting with the Hispanic Congressional Caucus.

The empty suit meets with the communist "gimme gimme" group, with predictable results. First embarrassed on the global stage by a spiritually healthy Russia, now bullied in his own backyard by greedy and selfish la-teen-oh turds.

Activists also are pushing state legislatures to end participation in a program to help federal immigration authorities deport people and chaining themselves across entrances to local jails or immigration detention centers.

When you receive gringo welfare there's plenty of free time to chain yourself to things and wail in a foreign tongue about how unfair the nation you murdered is.

"People who are directly affected just want peace. Later on they'll worry about becoming citizens."

"Ey, as long as dee hand-outs keep coming from dis loco nation I no care 'bout shit-i-zen-sheep, I theeeennk."

Immigrant rights groups still want to win citizenship for many who are in the U.S. without legal permission.

"Without legal permission." That might be the most ridiculous euphemism for "they're criminal invaders" possible.

It also represents the possible splintering of the diverse coalition for an immigration bill that would overhaul the system by expanding citizenship. And the more aggressive, confrontational tactics also raise the risk of a public backlash.

Careful there, Pedro. You don't want to wake the sleeping giant and fill White America with a grim resolve.

"One picture of a cop with a bloody nose and it's all over for these people," Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors greater restrictions on immigration, said of the activists.

I doubt anyone would even notice, as long as the kosher sports, pornography and chemicals keep flowing.

Republicans have been torn between some in their base who want to step up deportations and others alarmed at how Hispanics, Asians and other fast-growing communities are increasingly leaning Democratic.

"Please notice us!" begs White America while our ruling criminals take our support completely for granted.

The Senate in June passed a bipartisan bill to legalize, and eventually grant citizenship to, many of the 11 million people in the U.S. illegally. But the bill died in the Republican-controlled House.

The bi-partisan suicide pact. We'll keep trying until it passes, don't worry.

Meanwhile, Obama's administration is on track to having deported 2 million people during the past six years.

1,999,854 of them have since returned to the U.S.S.A. by crawling under a fence "without legal permission."

 In 2012, as he was trying to generate enthusiasm among Hispanic voters for his re-election, Obama granted people who were brought to the country illegally as children the right to work in the United States and protection from deportation if they had graduated high school or served in the military.

Use foreigners as mercenaries in our legions. Cheapen citizenship to the point where it's worthless. Fail to defend the borders from barbarian incursion. Cheapen the currency. Pander. Pacify with the masses. All of this sounds awfully familiar.

The administration has said it cannot make sweeping changes without Congress, and it is unclear what steps it will take after its review is completed to limit deportations.

"There's only so much we can do by dictatorial fiat."

Chris Newman, legal director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said it's inevitable that Obama makes changes.

It's a pretty safe bet, no doubt about that.

"We decided we needed to change our focus because this is a more winnable campaign," Executive Director Alejandro Laceres said. Of Congress, he added, "We don't have the luxury of moving at their pace."

We've got to hurry up and get the corpse of America into the crematorium.

The biggest victory came last year in California when Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Trust Act, barring California police from participating in Secure Communities.

R.I.P. California.

"We're just left hanging at loose ends," Bautista said in an interview, recounting how his children's performance at school has deteriorated and how they sob when he leaves for court hearings. "If the community unifies and has more demonstrations, maybe they will listen to us."

The heartbreaking human cost. Lay down and die, it will help little Juanito do better at the Publik Schmuel.

Full Story.

The U.S.S.A. is finished. National suicide is our official policy, kosher spiritual sickness the remains of a common culture. All that remains is the day when the invader enters the capital, deposes the child emperor and pretends to be the new ruler. Then it all burns. We must be ready. After the fall the golden age of White Nationalism can begin.


  1. "Use foreigners as mercenaries in our legions. Cheapen citizenship to the point where it's worthless. Fail to defend the borders from barbarian incursion. Cheapen the currency. Pander. Pacify with the masses. All of this sounds awfully familiar. "

    Indeed, I too can hear the dulcet tones of Nero's violin from the oval office.

    Perhaps he would oblige us with Prince's Diamonds and Pearls in A minor or better yet Star Spangled Banner.

    My thoughts are with our American cousins

    Spare a thought for us too as our Kosher Minister for Justice Alan Shatter is intent on have the same for us here.
    Alan Shatter's Ireland with a liberal dollop of EU nanny state


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