"Juveniles" in Mall Brawl

Quality of life is the first casualty of "diversity." The bulletproof glass goes up and the merchandise goes behind it. Pleasant walks are ruined by encounters with violent "teens," filthy la-teen-ohs and the visual pollution of miscegenation cases. There's always an air of hostility and distrust as hate-filled competing victim groups surround Whites who try their best to play along and pretend things are fine. Malls are put "on tilt" when alien bipeds display the savage content of their character.

Dozens of juveniles are accused of starting a violent melee that began at the Orange Park Mall and eventually ended after a shot was fired at the Wells Road Chick-fil-A location on Saturday, Clay County deputies say.

Those crazy "juveniles" and their wacky behavior. Shots fired. Just innocent "teens" letting off a little steam, please ignore this savagery and go back to sleep, Whitey.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office reports dozens of juveniles first became unruly near the movie theaters at the Orange Park Mall before they crossed the street and created a melee outside of the Chick-fil-A.

Negro garbage whipped into a frenzy by jewish bowel movements projected on a screen. Massive brawls over fried chicken. There's a reason these "stereotypes" exist.

During the incident, a shot was fired at the fast food business before additional deputies arrived for backup and to disperse the crowd.

Orwellian Police state battles the African all against all.

Sheriff Rick Beseler ordered increased security along the Wells Road corridor.

The quality of life is ruined by typical negro failure. African bongo parties or a 90 I.Q. officer with a giant gun on every corner. These are our choices.

Beseler said his department will have a zero-tolerance approach to the type of behavior shown during Saturday’s incident.

Pretty tough talk. I'm guessing all those rioting "juveniles" were arrested and will be punished to the full extent of the law.

A juvenile has been arrested in association with the incident and faces misdemeanor charges.

Or not.

Damage done by the juveniles is said to include broken glass on doors and overturned furniture at the Chick-fil-A restaurant.

We are forced to live next to these worthless animals. 

The attempt to transform the negro from a stone age monster into something approximating a modern human being has been a spectacular failure. It's impossible to come to any other conclusion. The negro has no place in a White nation.


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