March Madness: Negroes Arrested For "Unclear Motive" Attack on Whites

A combination of the first days of relatively warm weather and the massive hatred for Whites held by the sullen brown mass has kicked off another Summer of Dark Mobs way ahead of schedule. In Louisville we saw the undeclared one-sided race war explode, with huge mobs of identical looking and behaving "diversity" targeting White victims. In Philadelphia the victims of the communist indoctrination center have come under attack in several incidents that have been sent down the memory hole. In the latest of these, a horrific attack involving a brick to the face, the animals have been caged.

It's not clear why a group of high school girls lashed out at Temple University students Friday, but, with five girls in custody, police are hoping to get that answer soon.

It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in willful kosher ignorance. It was racially motivated, obviously.

Five girls, ranging from 14 to 17 years old, turned themselves in to Central Detectives today, Capt. Frank Banford said. The girls came forward after seeing news reports about a series of three attacks near Temple's campus Friday night, one of which left a female student bruised and bloodied after being hit with a brick.

The Obama girls turn themselves in.

"They saw themselves in the video, and knew that sooner or later, they would get caught," Banford said.

See, Big Brother is good. If you just give up all your rights a few negroes might develop a rudimentary sense of empathy days after they destroy your face with a brick.

One girl, 15, will likely be charged with aggravated assault and related offenses in the brick attack, which took place on 17th Street near Norris just before 6 p.m., Banford said.

If you think these worthless monsters will be seriously punished you're delusional.

In that incident, a 19-year-old woman was hit in the face as she was walking with her boyfriend, according to sources at Temple. Her teeth were fractured, and she required oral surgery at Hahnemann University Hospital.

Another White life devastated by the genetic alien in our midst. Another forgotten victim.

"White girl bleed a lot!"

The motive in that attack, and two others that occurred minutes and blocks apart, is unclear, Banford said. 

We're going to ignore reality and hope it goes away. I certainly don't want to threaten my careerism by telling the truth. The truth that Whites are being attacked by a failed race of violent morons.

"This is not an ongoing event," Banford said. "These girls came to the area on public transportation, and they left the area by bus afterward."

Go back to sleep, Whitey. The "Kill Dat Wite Bitch" event is no longer ongoing.

In the other two attacks, one at 17th Street near Willington and another at 17th Street near Cecil B. Moore Avenue, female Temple students were punched in the face, Banford said.

That sure sounds like the knockout game, but I must be mistaken because that's not a real thing according to the dinosaur media and the jew wire-pullers.

Charges for the suspect in the brick assault haven't been approved yet, but likely will be by tonight. Of the other four girls in custody, only three will likely be charged, Banford said.

Don't want to clog up that over-worked and "races" justice system. Give the orcs a slap on the wrist and get back into blissful denial.

The negro behavior is getting worse. We're seeing what amounts to open warfare on Whites in our cities. Our criminal government doesn't care and the dinosaur media ignores and obfuscates. No one is going to come to our defense. They want us to die. Make sure you're armed. Avoid the negro. It could save your life.


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