Negro "Baby" Poses With Drugs and Guns, Gets Shot

As ugly and spiritually sick as mainstream culture has become in the U.S.S.A. it might as well be the height of the Renaissance compared to the monolithic customs of the American negro. Talent-free (c)rap music promoting crime. Overwhelming and irrational hatred for Whites. Drug abuse. Gun violence. The down low. R strategy bastards. Delusional belief in their own value and future fame as a (c)rapper or African tree hockey player. Disdain for civilized behavior, i.e. "Acting White." Idiocy. This is the content of their character, the rich pageant that makes up the life of the 85 I.Q. North American simian. It would almost be humorous if we didn't have to deal with the inevitable failures. The negro is simply incompatible with civilization.

A baby-faced Memphis teen posted shocking snaps of his wannabe thug lifestyle online just hours before being shot dead by his best pal as they played with a gun, police said.

Are we witnessing the birth of the new euphemism for fully mature criminal negroes? Forget teens, it's time to start calling them "babies." Expect to see "White man attacked by pack of babies" stories very soon from the dinosaur media.

Future chemical engineer, oceanographer, and/or murder victim.

Cartrail Robertson, 13, uploaded the gangster-style gallery - where he's seen holding a revolver he describes as a .357 Magnum, smoking pot and fanning wads of $100 bills - to Facebook on Monday.

Negro narcissism. This nonsense is encouraged by the kosher entertainment industry and funded by the White tax-paying sucker.

But, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, he was allegedly gunned down by his 15-year-old friend Darrin Wilson.

At least this pathetic story of negro pathology has a happy ending.

Obama's dead son.

Cops think the duo were playing with the weapon, at around 3 a.m. in another as yet unnamed friend's house, when it accidentally went off.
The mammy wasn't there and the baby daddy had fled a long time ago. Moronic creatures playing with a loaded gun. Pointing a "chrome" at "mah dawg" gone wrong. This sorry pile of shit is as good as anything Whites have ever done, according to Big Jew. 

Wilson was arrested, taken to juvenile detention and charged with reckless homicide, reports ABC.

Now it can go to the "crib" to be supported on our dime for the rest of its life, in between time on the outside where this worthless animal will likely target Whites with its 70 I.Q. criminality.

Our equal.

But Shelby County District Attorney General Office's Vince Higgins revealed that the inquiry into how the pair got hold of the guns, drugs and cash was "still ongoing."

It's quite a mystery, I know. Could it be a combination of the proceeds from crimes and big government hand-ours paid for by working Whites? Yeah, there's a chance.

The pictures also show the youngsters pointing a handgun at another teen's head and holding up bottles of booze.

The content of their character.

"Yo, you sure dat thang ain't be loaded homie?"

In one, where Robertson appears alongside a pile of money, he captioned: "Time tah get mehh another 45th."
The vibrant and soulful self-expression of the negro. Another victory for Common Core.

And in another image, where he appears to be smoking drugs, he tags his pal Wilson and says: "Blowin' wit that hotboy."

On dat down low?

Neighbors said they were stunned to hear of the incident, and were especially shocked to hear of the victim's young age.

Yeah, who could have predicted this?

"Thirteen. Still a baby," Walter Holston told ABC.

Fully physically mature. As intelligent as its going to get. Taking pictures with guns and drugs. It was a baby.

This was just another glimpse into the behavior of a failed race. It's not news to most of us, but there's still plenty of Whites who honestly believe that these monsters are just sun-tanned Whites. That belief has been the folly of this age, on par with "The Earth is flat." It's time to have that honest discussion about race, to admit the negro has no place in a White nation. 


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