The American Zoo

What will ultimately win out, the tyranny or the anarchy? This is the only remaining question as far as the fate of the U.S.S.A. is concerned. If the anarchy wins we become a combination of Africa and Latin America, a violent all against all nightmare where life is worthless. If the tyranny wins we'll enter an Orwellian hell, a police state that controls the teeming brown mass by eliminating all of our rights. Neither of these two end games has any sustainablity and the final collapse will come regardless. For now we watch these two competing evils war with each other, while the mortal remains of America enters the flames. Here and there we get glimpses of what this future will look like, a future without White civilization.

Kansas City police are investigating after shots were fired in a parking lot outside the Kansas City Zoo on Tuesday afternoon. Police said 10 people were arrested in connection with the shooting, but police were unable to locate the person responsible for firing a weapon.

Those crazy "people" and their never predictable behavior. Maybe a picture would clear things up a little.

Animals run wild at the zoo.

“We heard a couple gunshots and people were running around,” said Ashley Hull, who went to the zoo to take advantage of the free admission on Tuesday.

Anything "free," with the possible exception of free books or free job training, is going to draw out the American negro. Then the expected pathology occurs, surprising no one. They simply can't behave themselves.

“I guess people was shooting,” he said. “I guess people was fighting the police. Came down on us. A lot of stuff happening.”

"Dem pee-pole be bustin' n sheet. Dey wuz fattin' da five-oh. Lot o' stuff be kickin' off. Dis be da all ver-sus all."

“The pathways got full,” said Randy Wistoff, Zoo Director. “We had a little pushing and shoving inside. The police asked some people to move outside and we had some issues out in our parking lot.”

"Luckily I have experience dealing with dangerous animals." I like how he papers over negroes shooting at each other. There's another epitaph for America: "We Had Some Issues."

“When they started fighting the police pepper sprayed in the air and kids was chocking and what not,” said Breonna Henry, 18. “We don’t need no more free days. Everybody need to pay their amount to get it.”

The police state sprays down the rot.

Wistoff said they’ll re-examine how the zoo operates to ensure next year’s free day is safer.

"We're considering giant loudspeakers blasting classical or country music, booths giving out job applications and if that fails maybe a giant net.

Full Story.

Back in the cage.


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