White Man Murdered For Cellphone, Negro Killer Disappointed it Wasn't a Better Phone

The negro is incapable of functioning in a civilized society. At best the fear of immediate and severe punishment can suppress the predictable thuggery of this failed race and segregation can keep the criminality that still occurs quarantined. At worst they're unleashed on Whites, told that they're right to hate us because of imaginary wrongs and further encouraged by an eroding rule of law. This is where we are right now. Dark aliens on the loose. Horrific crimes. Joke sentences. Media and government silence. Two-legged animals walk among us, prey on us. This is what the anti-Whites in power want. They want us to die.

A Seattle teen shot and killed a man for his cellphone — then went to a friend’s house and complained the stolen gizmo wasn’t nice enough, police say.

This one sentence tells you everything you need to know about the simian brain and anti-soul of the negro. No remorse, not even any fear of punishment. Just 75 I.Q. disappointment that the magical Chinese light box isn't top of the line.

“David Peterson went out for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner and never returned, ” King County prosecuting attorney Dan Satterberg said in a statement. “He was a random victim from a chance encounter with a dangerous young man. That the evidence shows he was murdered for his cellphone by a teenager with a gun makes this all the more tragic and senseless.”

Another "random" victim that just happened to be White. These amazing coincidences keep piling up, but the dinosaur media doesn't see any pattern.

  This piece of living dog shit killed a White man in a "robbery gone wrong."

The Ballard High School student approached Peterson, 54, around 8:30 p.m. Feb. 23 and punched him in the head in a robbery attempt, the Post-Intelligencer reported.

Sounds like a "knockout game" attack, but that can't be right either. The kosher media says it isn't happening and they certainly have the best interests of the goyim foremost in their minds.

Peterson fought back and went to a parking lot, where he called 911 to report the attempted theft. But as Peterson spoke, he saw White coming back for him and warned the dispatcher his attacker was returning.

This is why you need to be armed. 911 is not going to save you from a negro attack. They'll show up just in time to put you in a body bag. Buy a gun and learn to use it. Avoid the negro areas. 

The dispatcher heard Peterson tell his alleged attacker that he was not going to hand over the phone when the line suddenly went dead, the newspaper reported.

Another unarmed victim. Killed for a piece of Chinese junk. 

No limit negro. If Obama and Yellen had a son...

White reportedly went to a friend’s home just blocks from the murder scene, where he told people there he had killed a man, the PI reported.

"I don smoked dis wite debil." 

“He showed his companions the phone he had finally taken from the man and expressed his disappointment that it was not a nicer model.”

The anti-soul of the negro.

White is charged with murder, unlawful possession of a firearm and attempted robbery. He’s held in lieu of $2 million bail and is set next to appear in court March 17.

If convicted, the callous killer faces up to 35 years in prison.

I'd be very surprised if this piece of shit even serves a fraction of that sentence. Maybe he'll get an early release in the coming "Prison Amnesty." We all know the justice system is "races" and wrongly punishes obviously innocent "teens" who are turning their lives around. 

What started as a game of polar bear hunting ended with a dead White man. He thought calling an emergency number would somehow protect him. He was unarmed. The negro monster is unlikely to be seriously punished. This crime will be forgotten. Another nameless White victim of the rot. 

Don't become the next victim. 


  1. Folks, we give them everything, food,housing,education and this is the pay-off. Yet, in other countries they get nothing. Here FREE. HOW much longer??


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