Woman Marries Dog

The sodomite agenda went from "this is a mental illness that should be treated" to "this is a heroic thing and we'll destroy your life if you criticize it" in about one generation. Even the most optimistic Frankfurt school jew couldn't have expected such rapid and total success, but the spiritual sickness that began with pretending the lower races were our equals prepared the soil for this foul harvest. It now seems inevitable that every kind of perversion and "marriage" will be celebrated and protected by Thought Crime laws. Everything except having White children, of course. Make no mistake, this disgusting insanity is aimed entirely at Whites, with the ultimate goal of White genocide.

Soon we'll be holding "Bestiality Pride" events and talking about how brave and noble the football negro that has relations with livestock is. In the United Kaliphate, always the gold standard for Western collapse, it's already happening. 

For the 47-year-old British divorcee has married her loyal pet terrier called Sheba.

Yes, it's here. White women "marrying" canines in a nation that once ruled the world but now can't even control its exploding Religion of Peace population. While the jihadist invaders are fathering huge broods and supporting them with welfare hand-outs British Whites are having no children, bragging about their kosher atheism and bringing animals into their beds.

She married a man 20 years ago but the relationship ended within a few months.

No White children resulted from this.

When cupid struck a second time Ms Rodgers, from south London, wanted to do things properly. She said: ‘I got down on one knee and proposed. I could tell by her tail wagging that she said ‘‘yes’’’.

Yes, it's also homosexual zoophilia. Western nations should now come equipped with built-in barf bags.

‘I know the wedding to Sheba wasn’t real in the legal sense. But it was a nice way to mark what Sheba means to me. Sheba’s never unkind to me and she’s always happy.’

Just hang in there, I'm sure the nation-wreckers are working hard to change that.

White madness and biological suicide combined with a massive invasion of brown welfare colonists. It's easy to see the disaster that must result, the planned demolition of White Nations. Soon it will all come crashing down.


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