Wyoming to be Flooded With Brown "Refugees" On Our Dime

One plan for White survival is for awake Whites to resettle in America's most desolate areas, forming pathetic little communities and praying that a "worse is better" miracle occurs before the rot reaches these isolated places. It's already too late. The nation-wreckers are now intentionally targeting White areas for the lethal injection of sub-Saharan "diversity." Running and hiding is not going to save us.

The governor wrote a letter in September to the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement saying Wyoming was interested in establishing a public/private center to help refugees.

What's not to be interested in? 65 I.Q. African imports without the slightest understanding of Western civilization are the raw material for a healthy nation, after all. Give us your sewage, your morons and criminals, says the jew, while building a massive wall around Israel.

The federal agency has responded that it was happy to hear of that wish and the work in progress.

This is how Whites die. With a huge smile on our faces.

Since then, state officials, University of Wyoming officials and the Lutheran Family Services-Rocky Mountain have been working to put a plan together to make it possible.

Naturally the JUDEO-christians are front and center.

The center will receive federal funds.

Whites will pay for their own destruction. This is an unprecedented and nearly unbelievable national suicide.

The coming dark nightmare.

The program provides refugees with some temporary help in finding a home and a job to get them started, but there isn’t a long period of welfare.

I mean "birth until death" isn't really that long a period, when you think about it. 

“The center will happen within the next year,” Reese predicted. “We’re trying to get that hammered out.”

The only thing getting "hammered out" are White communities that will be flooded with dysfunction fresh from the heart of darkness.

We can't run from the rot. The U.S.S.A. is ready for the ash heap. We must be ready to work for a White nation, not a pitiful collection of hovels far from any major city but our own homeland restored, coast to coast.


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