Education Debt and Truth Famine in Minnesota

Our State Religion is in trouble. Despite vigorously punishing heretics and witches and preaching constant sermons on the talmudvision reality refuses to go away. Two plus two is still four, no matter how long and loud the marxist cries that this outcome is "racist." Decades of wasteful spending on "educating" the negro has yielded no return. The core mythology, that we're all equal, is coming under fire. There is no logical counter-argument, only calling names and trying to ruin lives. The rotten structure is sagging to the point that the roof is scraping the ground. Still the deceits continue. The careerist, the brown tribal leader and that special Light of the World with the weird little cap are going to continue to lie until the bitter end.

Is “education debt” a more accurate description than “achievement gap?”

Clearly the solution is more newspeak to paper over the predictable negro failure. More accurate terms would be "intelligence gap," "impulse control gap," or maybe most precisely "civilization gap."

This was one of the early questions in the April 12 Minneapolis school board candidate forum put on by Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC).

Wandering lost in a kosher fog, believing the most outrageous lies rather than facing a truth that destroys our good-feels.

The forum was held at Shiloh Temple

Just a little reminder who's actually in charge.

The first question asked the candidates how they would define the term “achievement gap,” and Gagnon said she would reframe it the way African American educator Gloria Ladson-Billings has, as an “education debt.” Gagnon said she felt the term achievement gap implied that children are responsible for catching up to another group of students.

Cultural marxism is a steaming pile of nonsense. What does any of this even mean, other than "White man bad" and, of course, more wasteful spending and pathetic negro appeasement is needed. Yup, pay up that "education debt" White tax-paying sucker. This will be the time it actually works, unlike every single other time over the last forty years, honest.

Inz built upon Gagnon’s distinction and said it is important to consider how the “achievement gap” is being measured. What if, he said, students in Minneapolis were measured according to whether or not they were bilingual instead of only according to test scores?

Empty pandering, no actual attempt to seriously address the issue of racial intelligence differences and what this means for us as a failing, deeply divided society. No, let's give Pedro extra points on the test because he speaks about a hundred words of English in addition to broken Spanish.

Mystery meat and White careerist play a game of marxist make-believe.

Jourdain also said he prefers the term “education debt,” saying he feels there are a lot of outside factors that negatively affect impoverished children, and that teachers should be given a “louder, stronger voice” in developing creative solutions to educational disparities.

There's a lot of inside factors, too. Like the 85 I.Q. average. Certainly a "creative solution" like teaching the Chemistry lesson entirely in rap lyrics, will fix this genetic short-fall. This is the blind faith of our time, the new false god for the masses to bow down to.

Of course, teachers should also be aware of the evil effects of their White bodies.

Mann said he did not quite understand what “education debt” was implying, and said he preferred the term “access gap.”

"I don't want to scare off White voters with such an obvious "you be needin' to pay mo' wite debil" language. Instead I'll couch the exact same wasteful spending that leads to no discernible improvement in soft weasel language." 

Minck also stressed that all stakeholders must have “high expectations” for students.

We'll defeat genetic determinism with our amazing hoping powers!

All candidates agreed that diversifying Minneapolis’ teaching force should happen, with both Mann and Jourdain questioning the district’s hiring practices.

We need fewer Whites!

Inz, however, said “we can’t expect diverse staff members to solve problems of endemic racism.”

Until every last White person has been destroyed "endemic racism" will continue to be a problem. These people are all either delusional lunatics or cynical check-cashers.

Altamarino echoed this by describing her own experience as a student, when a La Raza member at the University of Minnesota introduced her to the alternative history book Occupied America.

"Eyyy, momma see-ta read dis his-ree book. It about communism, I theeeennnkk." 

Putting a White child into a public school, where they'll be surrounded by hostile brown aliens, taught that they're evil and be under the thumb of mentally defective communists is child abuse. 

Candidates also touched on how to reduce suspension rates, particularly for African American students. Minck said it would be important to “end all zero tolerance policies” in the district, and “break down implicit bias” in student, teacher, and administrator relationships.

The negro can't behave. Because of this we're forced to punish it. The resulting statistics are embarrassing. Obviously the solution is to simply ignore the negro malfunction.

Get your White children out of there. Home school.

Current school board member Tracine Asberry is also hosting a candidate forum on April 24 at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Minneapolis.

And, of course, one final reference to one of the leper saints of our State Religion.

Careerists and communists, payday liberals and hate-filled tribal demagogues. These are the human garbage behind our educational system, the failures with the nonsense spewing from their mouths and the open hand extended for the latest hand-out. They're insane and dangerous. Educating our White children must be our own responsibility, not something that is handed over to these turds.


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