I Was Wrong

I was talking to a selfless and heroic "anti-racist" who just happened to have an oddly hooked nose and a weird little cap on the back of his head. I was explaining how negroes commit a vastly disproportionate amount of crime, how we're losing our culture to la-teen-oh welfare colonists and how the people in charge, many of which also wear those same odd tiny caps, not only don't seem to care but seem to be actively encouraging this process.

He responded by telling me it was 2014. I didn't know what to say. I made an excuse to leave and got out of there fast, reeling from this devastating comeback.

When I got home I checked the calender. Sure enough, it was 2014. What was I thinking?

A lot of soul searching followed. I realized that there is only one race, The Human Race. Differences in skin color, nose flatness, skull shape and development of frontal lobes are just superficial. We all bleed red. I'm glad I realized this before being fully consumed by hate. I've decided to move to Camden, New Jersey so I can be closer to the rich diversity. I should be warmly greeted, now that I'm a soul brother myself.

The Mexican invasion is a Good Thing. They do jobs Whites won't. A lot of them will probably eventually figure out that a small government Republic is best, even though it hasn't happened yet. Besides, maybe big government and the welfare state isn't such a bad thing. It's a safety net for good people chasing the American Dream.

My new motto.

I know I'm becoming healthy because I feel sick. Sick about being White. We've caused so much evil in the world, from the horrors of trying to civilize Africa, to putting 6 million jews up a chimney and making the remains into soap and lamps to the current evils of the microaggression.. From now on I'm going to closely monitor myself for those. It's not easy, but I'm trying my best. Maybe the best policy would be to never speak, ever, but that would probably also come across as hostile to the strength of diversity that surrounds us. Maybe preface everything with "I'm sorry I'm White and evil..." Yeah, that could work.

I'm also thinking of converting to Islam. It's such a spiritual and peaceful religion, and I am a highly spiritual person. There's no doubt the call to prayer is the most beautiful sound ever produced by humanity. Even our president thinks so, although he's a Christian, of course. I might still go that route. There's a good church near my house that has rainbows painted on everything and they took down their cross because a jew got offended by it once. 

I hope Whites are punished for our past sins. More needs to be done. Slavery reparations would be a good start, and every African American should also be allowed to give me a few lashes with a whip so I really understand. Sure, my family was still living in Europe when this all happened, but White guilt is a collective thing so I shouldn't get out of it on a technicality. I'm also trying to get a holocaust museum built in my town. We should be reminded of this enormous crime every day. The precious six million lost. How to repay?

Until I can get enough funds for that museum I'm putting up some ugly concrete blocks in my front yard. I'm so sorry people that look like me did this to the Light of the World. 

Obviously there's going to be some drastic changes on this blog. From now on there will be lots of stories about the evils of Whites. Here's one from the excellent microaggression website to get us started:

I was standing in the cafeteria of a major academic medical center wearing shirt, tie, and the same white coat that all my medical school classmates wear (with stethoscope). An older white lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked “Excuse me do you work here? I’m trying to find the soups…” and even once I fully turned around it never occurred to her that I am medical student, not a cook. I am a black male medical student in a major Northeast academic medical center.  

The profound evil of the elderly White. This is why they must die. We are forced to live next to these elderly monsters that damage the self esteem of future African American doctors (just like on the Television!) with their ignorance and inherent evil. Hopefully all Whites will be eliminated soon.

Wow, that felt good. Let's do some more.

“How much money would you put on the Boston bombers being Muslim?”

Evil stereotypes from a race of murderers and pillagers. I'm almost certain those bombers ended up being White rural Christians, but my memory isn't so good anymore. Which is excellent. Remembering things is bad.

After seeing I had purchased a copy Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, my father became annoyed and angry. Incredulous, he said “Great, really, feminism? Just don’t start getting pissed every time a guy tries to open the door for you. Guys aren’t going to want to date a girl like that.” My mother supported his statements.

She just wanted to learn the truth from a wise jewess. Evil patriarchal heteronormativity from her cis-gender father occurred. I mean, why would she even want to "date" a "guy." For one thing that could result in White children and we all know how bad that is.

I feel a lot better now. And that's the most important thing, feeling good. Comforting illusions are definitely preferable to hard truths. From now on, I'm going to fight for anti-racism, until that glorious day when the last White is lowered into Mother Earth under the approving gaze of the coffee-colored people that will build an earthly paradise.


  1. I just invited a nice negro gentleman in to my home, I just know he will repay our kindness with a bounty of wonderful cultural enrichment. Thanks for showing me the light AJ.

    and happy April Fool's day :-)

    I will leave you with a nice joke we share in Ireland.

    A Negro, a Muslim and a Jew walk in to an Irish school...

    Oh wait, the joke is on me!


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