More Cameras and Blurry Footage to Solve Negro Crime

The strategies that would solve our country's racial problems are off the table. Profiling. Segregation. Removal. With the solutions officially declared ungood by the kosher controllers all that remains is one failed "program" after another, combined with the steady erosion of rights and an overall chilling effect on society. We need cameras on every corner, just like in the United Kaliphate. It's working so well there. Give up your rights, Whitey. This will somehow correct genetic predispositions toward low intelligence, poor impulse control and violence.

Celeste Broussard was dropping off a friend after a housewarming party around midnight Monday in the Irish Channel when the unthinkable happened.

And by "unthinkable" we mean the sort of crime that's so common in the U.S.S.A. it generally gets ignored by the dinosaur media and our criminal government.

Broussard and her friend didn’t think much of it at first, but when they got out of the vehicle, the men turned around and one pulled out a gun.

Those crazy "men" and their wacky hi-jinks.

“They told us to throw the keys down. My fried threw the keys down on the ground,” said Broussard. “One of the guys was just yelling, ‘Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him!’ Screaming it, and I heard the gun go off.”

The content of their character. The reason there was segregation in the past and there will be removal in the future.

“I wasn't worried about the car at that point, I asked my friend if he had been shot. Thank God he hadn't,” said Broussard.

Just another day in a country murdered by demographics.

“It was kind of eerie. It seemed like a dream rather than like something was actually happening,” said the other victim of the carjacking, who asked not to be identified.

"I have a dream..."

Both Broussard and her friend say they were unable to get a detailed description of the suspects. There appear to be no surveillance cameras on the street, and both victims believe the carjacking highlights the need for more crime cameras in the area.

It would be difficult to come to a worse conclusion given the available data. If only we have blurry footage of identical looking and behaving jungle monsters, this would stop their predictable failure.

A growing number of neighborhoods are installing a network of surveillance cameras in an effort to combat crime. The Irish Channel has been looking into doing just that since last year.

"It has led to no decrease in negro crime, but at least we're now living in the surveillance state predicted in 1984."

“My office stands ready to support it 100 percent,” said Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell. The Irish Channel is part of her district.

"We be sa-port-en da rosen aw de rahts hunnert po-cent."

Cantrell said she's ready to bolster the effort with grant money once the neighborhood association applies for it.

Cough up the coin, Whitey. Just keep paying. This will be the magical solution that fixes the negro, we promise.

Meanwhile, those like Broussard say they're a little more alert and hope the robbers are caught soon.

Yeah, maybe a little. Wouldn't want to have "hate thoughts" or anything. Lambs to the slaughter. Be armed, be vigilant, avoid the negro areas.

The suspects are described as two black males. One had a white stocking cap over his head.

Cameras wouldn't have helped identify this garbage, but no one ever said the death of a nation had to be logical.

Police believe the carjacking was a random crime of opportunity.

Please don't come to the obvious racial conclusions. Was the attempted murder that occurred and has already been forgotten also "random?"

Full Story.

The negro is not compatible with a civilized White nation. Low resolution documentation of racial differences will not make them go away. Whites are expected to pay, as always. We're expected to live in fear of dark animals and our own criminal government. The final collapse is coming.


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