Negro Cures Boredom By Setting a Deadly Fire

The corpse of America is being prepared for the cleansing flames of cremation. These flames will come when the combination of our decadent culture, worthless currency and rapidly growing plurality of alien elements becomes unsustainable. That day might be very close. We're already losing control of our cities. Whites are fleeing, replaced by "minority" rot. No one will be left to pay the ridiculous taxes to fund the dark dysfunction. Then it will burn.

In Brooklyn the fire has already started.

One of the cops trapped in a Brooklyn apartment building fire allegedly set by a bored teen has been declared brain dead, sources said.

The usual media code-words, right out of the gate. Because of a lack of celebrities, hero affletes and White spending a worthless animal wasn't sufficiently entertained. Instead of playing a few rounds of the knockout game it burned down a building.

After the accused arsonist, Marcell Dockery, 16, told investigators he was “bored,” according to sources, he was caught on camera with a wide grin as he was walked from a Brooklyn precinct

The negro anti-soul, the content of their character.

This creepy looking alien monster set a fire.

“We saw him smiling on TV, is this a joke?"

We pretend this failed race can somehow function in a civilized society. Is this a joke?

Dockery — who set up an entire Facebook page devoted to his “obsession’’ with fire — was charged with felony arson and assault and reckless endangerment.

A negro expresses its mental malfunction on a jew information-gathering website. No one notices or cares. We've got White thought criminals to catch, after all.

“The tragedy here is that a 16-year-old young man would not have common sense enough to understand the implications of lighting a mattress, as has been alleged, on fire in his own building,” Bratton said before the hospital visit.

It couldn't understand basic cause and effect. The low I.Q. combined with a lack of future time orientation and impulse control leads to predictable disaster. The same story of negro failure. No one learns anything.

“How can any of us make any sense out of that?”

A hundred years from now, in a White nation, when our descendents are told the story of the last days of Wiemar America and the lies that papered over reality, this will be the reaction. 

More needs to be done. We must make sure little Barkevious is amused, on our dime, at all times. Otherwise "he be sattin' da fars." The myth of racial equality truly is the "flat earth" of our time. The U.S.S.A. is going into the flames. We must be sure a White nation rises like a phoenix from the kosher ashes.


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