Orwellian Language Control at Duke University

The communist indoctrination center, or "college" as it used to be called, exists to enrich our enemy via the student loan swindle and to endlessly hammer its victims with kosher propaganda. If you actually learn something of value you really beat the odds. If you leave with employment skills that can be used to build a career it's a miracle. Spend an obscene amount of money to be a good little slave for the ruling criminals.

And watch what you say. You're never too young to start developing the "American Look."

“I don’t say ‘bitch’ because it insists that femininity is inherently negative.”

It's a White person, of course. When the negro does it it's "vibrant street poetry" that expresses their "soul." When you, Whitey, do it, it's evil. In fact, everything you do is evil.

That message is emblazoned across a photo of a young man. It is part of a campaign called ‘You Don’t Say’ set up between two societies at Duke University in the United States, which aims to highlight language that is offensive to sexual and gender minorities.

Speech control. Make Crime Think impossible by removing the words, removing the ideas. Install a Kommissar in your own mind. Hold your tongue, bite it. Shut up and die.

I personally don't use phrases like “that’s so retarded” or “oh my god, that’s so gay” but I know that I have used them a few times when I was a teenager and didn't realise what I was actually staying.

Now that I'm older I've learned to treat ordinary behavior as a crime.

Whenever I hear people talk like this or, worse still, get involved in ‘rape banter’, I try and interject, but more often than not, they tell me I need to lighten up because they’re just joking.

Instead of following this excellent advice I support East German-style suppression, aimed at Whites and only Whites.

Not only does it highlight the fact that this language is offensive regardless of the user’s intentions, but it actually uses men and women to spread its message.

If you're a healthy White your very existence is offensive. The only thing you can do to stop offending "minorities" is disappear. No amount of groveling and negro appeasement and emptying your wallet is going to change those facts. Diversity means fewer Whites. It means White genocide.

A man without a chest supports jewish feminism.

It adds a lot of weight to the campaign, showing other young people and students that this isn’t just 'some feminist campaign', it’s something that affects every person, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and skin colour.  

Get with the majority, the Bolsheviks. 

Most say how much they “love the campaign”, and come from people all over the world, from Canada to Australia.

All the lost children of the United Kalpihate love it! Strangely, there were no supportive messages from Pakistan or Kenya or Saudi Arabia or really any non-White area. But we don't care, since this marxist sickness is intended only for Whites.

"I get my opinions from evil jewish billionaires."

But obviously some comments do completely miss the point. One, on the group’s Facebook page, reads: “I don't say crack whore because it is demeaning to a valued group of hard working Americans.”

I laughed.
The male user is quickly put in his place by a sarcastic reply reading: “Wow glad to see you are growing and learning from this page.”

Yeah, you sure took that Thought Criminal behind the woodshed. "Wow, just wow." What, no "This is 2014!" or "Check your privilege!"

Another comment responds directly to all the (inevitable) negative posts on the Facebook page, telling the critics: “You're actually proving the campaign's effectiveness and relevance.”

Sadly there are still Whites who refuse to go quietly to their destruction. 

It’s true. On this page where equality, acceptance and a friendly all-accepting peacefulness are the most valued qualities, there is no place for negative comments.

We accept everything as long as it isn't White, Christian, rural, etc.

Well, I'm done raping this article. What a bitch Speech Crime is. The communist indoctrination center: it's so gay.


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