Sweden To Outlaw Crime Speech on the Internet

The internet is the best thing that has ever happened to the cause of White Nationalism. Our enemies have complete control over all other sources of information and in some cases over our public interactions with others. Online, this control vanishes and we can tell the truth without fear of kosher reprisal. At least for now. Expect to see these freedoms vigorously attacked by the jew nation-wrecker. The can't win a non-fixed fight, so the only solution is to silence the message, to legislate the one correct way to think. In Sweden, land of the mosque and jihadan rapist, this totalitarian nightmare is here.

After Christmas, it will be possible for prosecutors to take criminal action against  Swedes who criticize immigrants or people in authority

We can't have the goyim pointing out the White genocide that is occurring, or even worse pointing a finger at the Light of the World funding this all-out attack on White nations. We'll just make it illegal. The truth is no defense.

Member of Parliament Andrew Norlén (M), member of the Constitutional Committee, has been pushing the issue and he says it will rapidly become a deterrent.

Soviet-style oppression. While the brown sewage from the Middle East floods in, raping, killing and burning, the average Swede will be too afraid to even post a criminal idea like "Immigration is wrecking my country!"  on the internet. While a dying nation literally burns the bastards in the government are mostly concerned with making sure Whites shut up and die.

I do not think it takes very many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the internet is not a lawless country – the sheriff is back in town, said Andreas Norlén, during an unchallenged debate the issue in parliament.

More like the Kommissar is back in town. Once your friends and neighbors start "disappearing" you'll think twice before you express your ungood opinions. Whites are always to blame, after all.

R.I.P. Sweden.

People who are especially helped by the new law are immigrants, LGBTQ people and government officials

It's like passing a law making it illegal to harm the termites that are devouring the foundation of your house.

This is the definition of "anarcho-tyranny." Combine a massive invasion of lawless foreign aliens with increasingly ridiculous Thought Crime legislation designed to target law-abiding Whites. The center can not hold. The future of Sweden offers only disaster on its present course, with the epitaph of "We Didn't Say Anything" on the gravestone. 


  1. OT but http://tellmenow.com/2014/04/women-prisoners-sterilized-to-cut-welfare-costs-in-california/


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