The Chicago Collapse: A Photo Essay

A sampling of Chicago mug shots.

Mystery meat Ganaa Otgoo, aggravated battery. Hmong? La-teen-oh? Mix and match? Who knows.

Foreign alien Billal Muammar, theft. Will we cut his hands off like back where it came from?

Negro Marcus Lynch. Sexual assault with a weapon during "robbery gone wrong."

Home Erectus Corion Simpson, sexual assualt. 

James Cornelius. Another negro rapist. Note the soulless, hate-filled eyes.

No, it's not an "educated negro" for the front of a college recruiting pamphlet. Vehicular homicide.

Ronald Winfield, Murder. If Obama had a different father...

Misshapen negro Tyrone Hill. Murder. 

Natural conservative Heriberto Ramirez. Attempted murder, gang recruitment, kidnapping, etc.

Larry Williams, possession of stolen car. Whatever it is, it isn't human.

La-teen-oh garbage Miguel Leyva. Murder. Will probably be classified as "White" for statistical purposes.


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