White Genocide in Pictures, Jew Behind the Camera

Whites aren't having White children. In the U.S.S.A. more Whites are dying than being born. Meanwhile the third world sewer pipe is pouring in the brown filth. It doesn't take a statistician, demographer or rapper to see that this trend is going to soon lead to our displacement and ultimately destruction. The kosher sirens of feminism, the sodomite agenda, careerism, materialism, environmentalism and White guilt have had their intended effect, stopping Whites from passing on their priceless genetic inheritance. If this silent disaster isn't reversed we're fighting for nothing. We need to have many White children.

Meanwhile, the Frankfurt school jew is celebrating the victories they have won in the long march through the culture.

With the current president a product of an interracial marriage, it's easy to forget how recently miscegenation was taboo in the United States and how mixed-race couples still face hardships today.

With the current president the product of a pump-and-dump involving a mentally defective White woman and the incredible disappearing negro it's easy to forget that this used to be a 90% White nation in 1965. Even with these communist victories the sight of Whites committing genetic suicide still produces instinctive disgust in almost everyone.

Photographer Yael Ben-Zion illustrates the modern challenges facing these couples in new book 'Intermarried'.

Luckily the jew nation-wrecker is on the case with propaganda intended to insult and demoralize.

Mommy, da odda nigga kids be callin me "yella."

Thankfully though, Ben-Zion was able to speak with many more couples, starting by first contacting a parenting group in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan.

Yeah, thank g*d.

Many of the couples identified themselves as mixed and allowed Ben-Zion into their homes to take pictures of their families and the spaces they shared together.

"Oy, let me take pictures of my future goyim slaves."

The hideously ugly jewess behind the anti-White message.

For some, the act of marrying someone outside of their race or religion meant offending their family.

Who cares, though, right? It's all about me, me, me all the time. Feeding my stomach and genitals is all that matters. I learned this from the talmudvision.

"My child is a freaky alien that looks nothing like me. Yay?"

"I'm still trying to teach him about the benefits of regular washing."

The numbers don't lie. We're probably less than twenty years away from becoming a hated minority in America. And make no mistake, we will be hated. We're not going to see special preferences or set-asides for the shrinking White population. We're going to see louder and louder calls for our destruction. We're in a war for survival. Having a White child is the ultimate act of resistance. 


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