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Memorial Day: Brown Garbage Robs Elderly Veteran in Home Invasion

The three day weekend is long over, the empty beer bottles and snack wrappers already are in the landfill, along with the little American flags and our nation's future in general. They fought and died for nothing. We live in a dead nation where brown bipeds freely prey on the elderly, the generation that fought "evil" in World War 2 and silently watched our country destroyed by cultural marxists.

The Carson City Sheriff's Office has two men behind bars who allegedly robbed a 100-year-old veteran at his home over Memorial Day weekend.

Just another day in the U.S.S.A.

According to Sheriff Ken Furlong, 27-year-old Robert Michael Hernandez of Carson City and 25-year-old Jordan Randall Burkhart, of Wellington, were arrested Wednesday.

I guess all this "natural conservative" talk might have been a little premature.

"Ey, I vote for Loser Party, I theeennk."
Sheriff Furlong says around 5 a.m. Sunday morning, deputies responded to a report of a home invasion …

Negro Graduation Brawl Caught on Camera

Stereotypes are real. Please watch the following video before it's pulled by the jew in a pathetic and desperate attempt to wish away reality and keep Whites sleepwalking to our execution.

All against all violence. Monkey noises. Chaos. This is what "diversity" and democracy look like. Animals dressed up as humans, reverting to their natural state.

A fight following a Baltimore County high school commencement ceremony Monday has gone viral online.

Viral is right. A two-legged virus, spreading from coast to coast, being shipped by big jew into the Whitest areas available. You can't run anymore, this sewage is coming to your neighborhood.

Towson University police arrested one man and one woman in connection with the fight. A university spokesman said charges are pending.

Our laws were created by and for Whites. Trying to hold a shrieking simian alien to those same standards is absurd. Pretending they are our equal is a farce. Removal is the solution.

Dante Smith, 23, of …

Chicago "Busy Season" Continues, 11 Dead

The Chicago rot represents the dark future that awaits all of America now that our government is determined to make it impossible for Whites to have their own communities, separate from the massive failure of "diversity." In Chicago we see that "diversity," the identical looking and behaving blacks and browns slaughtering each other in an endless, unwinnable war against their own animal nature. A civilized nation can't support a plurality of these monsters, let alone the majority that's coming soon.

We still can't say anything, can't admit the facts that have become so blatantly obvious that listening to a cultural marxist speak is now totally indistinguishable from parody. In Europe Whites are waking up. The time has come for American nationalism.

Ten males were shot to death and another was fatally stabbed last week in Chicago. Another man died from wounds he suffered during an earlier shooting.

Those crazy "males" and their wacky pranks.…

Tribal Warfare at Negro Motorcycle Rally

When the negro gathers in significant numbers trouble is not far behind. This is the case whether it's a shopping center, a dying American city or an entire continent. The genetic differences that make them incompatible with Western civilization are prominently on display, the pathetic content of their character is visible to anyone who is willing to give the situation an honest appraisal. We are not equal. We can't live together. They need to be removed.

Myrtle Beach police responded to six separate shootings Saturday that left three people dead and five people wounded over Memorial Day Weekend CNN reports, citing police Capt. David Knipes.

Would a White event of equivalent size generate six separate shootings over one weekend? We all know the answer, although most won't dare speak it.

The fatal shootings occurred at the Bermuda Sands motel, where three people were killed and one person was wounded. According to Captain Knipes, no one has been arrested.

The usual "no a…

Good News Monday: The European Awakening

It's memorial day here in the U.S.S.A. All the good little tax-payers are sincerely reflecting on the incredible sacrifices made by White men to advance the cause of jewish communism. We can look around at the open sewer our country has become and realize they not only died for nothing but their wasted lives were instrumental in creating the present kosher nightmare. Eat a hamburger, drink that domestic beer, try to numb the growing sense that everything has gone to hell. 17 trillion in sin debt. Dying cities. Undeclared one-sided race war. Amnesty for foreign invaders. Yeah, drink that victory beer. It will be fine, the jew on the television said so.

We should be having a memorial for our dead nation, a nation that was poisoned by prosperity and committed suicide.

In Europe, the news is somewhat more hopeful. The so-called "extreme right" has made massive gains as the average European can now clearly see the writing on the wall. Loss of culture, loss of national identit…

Religion of Peace: Pakistani Immigrant Murders Wife Over Dinner Gone Wrong

We need a lot more muslims in Western nations so that they can enrich our culture with their vibrant and colorful traditions. Traditions like trampling each other while trying to throw rocks at the devil, worshiping a piece of stone, honor killings, and beating their wives to death over poorly prepared meals. The "War on Women" marxists are strangely silent when it comes to the massive pathologies of this false religion. Why? Because feminism, sodomy, materialism and all the rest are only intended for Whites, to promote our destruction. Diversity is White genocide. Multi-culturalism means the destruction of traditional White culture and the promotion of non-White savagery.

A Pakistani immigrant beat his wife to death in their Brooklyn home after she made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved, according to court papers.

America is better for having this bronze age malfunction. If you question this, no matter how me…

Negro Animal Kills Puppy

The negro anti-soul manifests itself in many ways. Often it's violence aimed at Whites, born from an insane jealousy and fueled by the kosher media and education complex. When they're not targeting "pink people" you can be sure they'll be tearing into each other in endless all against all tribal warfare. In the absence of such victims, other animals are targeted. We've seen it with worthless NFL negroes and now we get another disturbing glimpse into the ethical wasteland inside of the average negro.

A Douglasville woman has been arrested for stealing and killing her neighbor’s puppy.

I'm not sure if this counts as a "robbery gone wrong."

According to Douglas County officials, Ryeeah Hatcher, 27, was arrested Tuesday and has been charged with: theft by taking, willful obstruction of law enforcement and aggravated cruelty to animals.

Prepare to be enriched by the diversity. This walking dog shit has no place in White nations.

The family that owned th…

School Honors Night "Too Exclusive"

Cultural marxism is the worship of ugliness and death. Beauty, individual excellence, honor and striving for greatness are its mortal enemies. We must have equality of outcome. If the hateful achievement just so happens to be dominated by Whites, as is inevitably the case, it becomes a double evil. As usual, the solution is to simply wish a way reality, to not recognize White excellence because it hurts the feelings of the various failed branches of humanity.

Citing concerns about the "exclusive nature" of the annual honors night at Archie R. Cole Middle School, school officials have decided to scrap the tradition.

"Diversity" means fewer Whites. "Exclusive" means anything that is primarily White. When you talk with a marxist words don't mean what the dictionary says they do.

Instead, students who would normally be recognized at the annual spring tradition will be honored during team-based recognition ceremonies and graduation.

Everything must be a coll…

First Negress: Spy on Your Parents, Kids!

There is no rational argument for cultural marxism, just emotion, name-calling, screaming, and tyranny. In the "marketplace of ideas" they would never win, so it becomes necessary to strip the shelves of anything that opposes the kosher agenda. In Europe speech and thought crime laws are now firmly in place, while in the U.S.S.A. every effort is being made to implement them, First Amendment be damned. You can already expect to have your life ruined if you engage in Crime Speech, but this isn't enough for Big Jew. They literally want to put us into gulags.


Impressionable children, the only ones lacking the experiential maturity to immediate reject the nonsense being offered, must be recruited and weaponized. Turn in your parents. Get the names of the Thought Criminals.

First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives, friends and co-workers for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenev…

Chicago "Busy Season" Continues

Over fifty years have passed since "civil rights" legislation insured that [negroes] would be voting [marxist] for the next 200 years. During that time every coercive measure imaginable has been deployed in an endless kosher war against reality. After all of this, a negro is still a negro. Combine this with a massive foreign invasion from the Latin American sewer and we get today's Chicago, a city where endless tribal warfare rages between failed branches of humanity. Whites get the blame. Whites get the bill.

Two men were killed and at least 18 other people have been injured in shootings since Friday night.

Yes, "Busy Season" has definitely arrived in another city rapidly fundamentally transforming itself into Detroit. Human-shaped animals are engaging in open warfare in the streets while Whites flee, slumber and pay.

Kendall Floyd, 20, was in the 3400 block of West Madison about 11:30 p.m. when someone in a white minivan drove up and fired shots, striking him i…

D.C. Public School: $30,000 Spent on Each Negro, They Still Can't Read

Spending money on education does nothing. This isn't even a controversial statement anymore. It's been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The alternative to throwing money at genetic determinism is to admit that racial differences in intelligence and behavior exist, the mortal sin of our state religion. The ineffectual waste continues, producing the worst crop of la-teen-oh and negro "teens" in our nation's history. What goes on in schools today will be what our society looks like tomorrow. What's going on is police state, negro appeasement, non-assimilation, marxism, victim group mentality, perversion, idiocy, violence and the money of White tax paying suckers being poured down the African and la-teen-oh toilet. This is our future.

The public schools in Washington, D.C., spent $29,349 per pupil in the 2010-2011 school year, according to the latest data from National Center for Education Statistics, but in 2013 fully 83 percent of the eighth graders in these …

Law Enforcement Officers Assigned to Louisville School Buses

As the necrosis of "diversity" devours the cold body of the U.S.S.A. the traditionally institutions must resort to increasingly desperate measures to control the content of their character and the foreign invader here for a better life. We need militarized police hiding behind masks and we need them everywhere. Maybe keep the lid on for another year or two, prop up the corpse and pretend everything is fine. What was once America is gone. What remains is a pathetic mockery, a land of idiocy and violence, filth and decay.

Sworn law enforcement officers are now riding on several Jefferson County Public School buses.

The tyranny continues to battle the anarchy, fighting the long demographic defeat.

The union that represents bus drivers said the situation on some school buses is so bad right now the drivers are in fear for their own safety.

The end result of negro appeasement. No improvement, savage violence directed at any convenient target.

Stovall said there are also officers on …

Public School Tribal Warfare: Negroes vs. La-teen-ohs

The protective hand of the White race is the only thing protecting the brown people from each other and themselves. When this hand is removed, as it increasingly is via eroding rule of law, demographic displacement and kosher cultural destruction, the all against all savagery will begin. With no White man to attack, no White man to blame, they will tear each other apart and everything will burn. Look at Detroit. Look at Chicago.

Police arrested six students at Streamwood High School on Tuesday, after a fight that prompted a “hold in place” order at the school.

When America was White and sane we didn't put schools on "hold in place." No one living then would even dream that prison strategies and terminology would have to be applied to our schools, that we would be replaced with moronic animals that bring their third world pathology to America's heartland.

Police from Streamwood and several surrounding suburbs responded after a racially-based lunchroom brawl quickly spun…

Clown College: Hip-Hop Institute Opens

Every negro is a future (c)rap star, so it stands to reason that the more educated "bruthas" would want to study this highly vibrant art form at the communist indoctrination center. Thanks to vanishing standards, spiritual sickness and overall cultural decay, this is now possible. Barkevious and Ha Ha can now earn college credit listening to other negroes talking over the same four notes being endless repeated. Talking about killing Whites, having sex with White women, killing other negroes, and all the other beautiful and inspiring images and concepts birthed from an 85 I.Q. mind, a narcissism that ignores reality and a simmering hatred for all White people.

Now we can pretend this steaming pile of shit is part of higher education.

Hip-hop has long been used as a vehicle for education

I have to agree with that. Here's some examples:

White boy in the wrong place at the right time
Soon as the car door open up he mine
We roll up quick and put the pistol to his nose
By the look …

Age 55 "Teen" Shoots White Child, Gun Blamed

Disarming Whites is the next step in the carefully crafted kosher plan to destroy us. The marxists know that an armed man is not going to make a good slave. In the U.S.S.A. it has proven to be a difficult battle and represents perhaps the only area of policy where the Loser Party can legitimately claim to have won victories. Still, they come. The nation wreckers know they can lose a thousand times and none of those defeats mean anything. They only have to win once and it's forever. The sodomite agenda is a good example: voted down repeatedly by disgusted normal people, yet it keeps advancing.

The gun grabbers keep looking for a new "useful crisis," when they aren't manufacturing the crisis from start to finish. Some prove more useful than others. Trying to portray the unbelievably vile actions of a "faded" negro as an example of the inherent evils of firearms probably goes on the "less useful" pile.

Police apprehended a suspect who they say randoml…

First Warm Day in Chicago: 15 Shot

Negro pathology is so predictable you could set your watch by it. If the weather gets warm the African tribal warfare will begin. Throw in the vibrant diversity of the natural conservatives invading our dead nation and you have a glimpse of the dark future if our enemy wins and Whites are eliminated. We are now in what a careerist scumbag called "busy season" where the content of their character is on full display. If you're White you need to be armed and avoid this national meltdown as best you can.

At least 15 people, including a 16-year-old boy, were wounded in shootings across Chicago Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, according to authorities.

These are our equals. Open warfare in a city being annexed by Africa and Latin America.

Around 1:20 a.m., someone with a rifle shot at the front of a house  in the 300 block of East 136th Street in the Riverdale neighborhood on the Far South Side, leaving pinky-sized casings in the street. Wounded were a 48-year-old man …

Latest Solution to Detroit Rot: Sell it to China

The Chinese are no strangers to entering the Heart of Darkness, stripping anything of value and then getting out. It isn't surprising that they would turn their attention toward parts of America that might as well be Africa, starting with the Midwest Mogadishu, Detroit. Meanwhile, local "leaders" are desperate enough to accept any solution that doesn't involve facing racial reality. "More immigration!" they bellow, hoping against hope that little brown engineers and doctors will come to a city carpet-bombed by the content of the negro character. It seems that they are coming, not to save the city but to loot it.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder seems to have no qualms about foreign immigration as the path to salvation for America’s first Third-World city, Detroit. Back in January, he announced that he was going to ask the federal government to allocate 50,000 EB-2 visas over five years to Michigan/Detroit to attract those immigrants.

Might as well. It's not…

Gladiator Training in Detroit Public School

Please watch this amazing video featuring Detroit diversity.

This is the American negro in its natural habitat. All against all warfare. Animal noises. Chaos. A mystery meat "instructor" hitting them with a broom. This is the end game of the war against Whites. An entire nation reduced to the moronic savagery we just watched. This is why we must save our race.

A teacher who swatted a student with a broom while trying to break up a frenzied fight between two teenagers was fired over the incident by the Education Achievement Authority.

Everything gets a ridiculous Orwellian title. Education Achievement. More like putting a few dozen animals in a cage and forgetting to feed them.

The fight occurred in a classroom at Pershing High School, one of 15 low-performing Detroit schools taken over by the state-run Education Achievement Authority in 2012.

Low-performing? There's the surprise of the century. Luckily a Stalinist office is here to take over and defeat genetic determinism…

Eating a Taco is "Racist"

Diversity is a mighty strength. An atmosphere where virtually any action or word can be interpreted as a crime by the various victim groups is ideal for a free and open society. And hey, how about all that ethnic food! You wouldn't have that in an all-White nation because making a burrito is like a la-teen-oh Manhattan Project that not a single White can possibly comprehend or duplicate. Just be sure you don't eat it on the wrong day, or anywhere near a meskin, because then it becomes Hate Cuisine. You don't want to offend the foreign invader that's displacing you and destroying your culture, do you?

Northwestern University continued to stumble over diversity issues this week as Mexican students voiced disagreement with a campuswide letter that advised students not to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by engaging in racially-offensive activities, such as eating tacos and drinking tequila.

Strange how "diversity" is always a total and complete disaster. Whites are always…

Racially Motivated "Smack Cam" Attacks Hit Public School

Public School is child abuse. The endless kosher lies about how we're all equal despite massive evidence to the contrary and how race doesn't exist but Whites are evil and so on is bad enough. If there's a significant percentage of la-teen-ohs and negroes racially motivated attacks are likely, attacks that will be ignored by those in power. The violence, the third world ugliness, the soviet war propaganda taught as fact...get your children out of there while you still legally can.

Three Allentown high school students have been charged with ethnic intimidation for allegedly recording themselves bullying other students and posting the resulting “smack cam video” on Facebook.

Another scene from a dead nation. Walking dog turds preying on Whites and recording the results. With no fear of punishment (it would be "races!") the negro reverts to its natural pathology.

The three males – two aged 15 and one aged 14 – are accused of selecting the victims, in part, because th…

No Prison Time For "Bored" Negroes Who Killed a White Man

It happened in August, 2012. I remember it like it was yesterday. Six "teens." Boredom. A "random" attack on the first available White man. The victim had no health insurance, had lost his factory job so a few wealthy jew bastards could become slightly more wealthy. When I reported this horrific attack I mentioned that actual punishment was unlikely for the negroes. No prizes for getting that one right. The victim wasted away, never recovering from the physical and mental trauma of a racially motivated attack that happened because worthless brown animals weren't sufficiently entertained. He died about a year later, another forgotten victim of the undeclared, one-sided race war. Now it's finally over, with sentences for the killers that are a sick joke. It's now open season on Whites in the U.S.S.A.

Be armed. Be ready to act. Avoid the negro. The negro hates us, the kosher system wants us dead. It's up to us.

It's taken almost two years, but the c…

Here For Better Child Rape

The la-teen-oh is a natural conservative with excellent family values, we are told. Inside every brown, sawed-off, unwashed, doesn't know how to correctly use a toilet, "eye speeek-ee nada In-gleeesh," criminal invader is a small government and individual rights conservative, desperately trying to get under the mental border fence of laziness, welfare dependency and refusal to assimilate. It's just a matter of time before these alien leeches start supporting candidates that will end their free ride on Whitey's dime, trust me, it totally makes sense.

While we're waiting for this unbelievably shrewd Loser Party strategy to pay off the communists in power have decided that doing anything to stop the foreign conquest is "races" and wrong. We don't want to hear any more heart-rending tales about how Pablo was sent back to may-hee-co and torn from his thirty children for something as trivial as violating our national sovereignty. This policy has led t…