Age 55 "Teen" Shoots White Child, Gun Blamed

Disarming Whites is the next step in the carefully crafted kosher plan to destroy us. The marxists know that an armed man is not going to make a good slave. In the U.S.S.A. it has proven to be a difficult battle and represents perhaps the only area of policy where the Loser Party can legitimately claim to have won victories. Still, they come. The nation wreckers know they can lose a thousand times and none of those defeats mean anything. They only have to win once and it's forever. The sodomite agenda is a good example: voted down repeatedly by disgusted normal people, yet it keeps advancing.

The gun grabbers keep looking for a new "useful crisis," when they aren't manufacturing the crisis from start to finish. Some prove more useful than others. Trying to portray the unbelievably vile actions of a "faded" negro as an example of the inherent evils of firearms probably goes on the "less useful" pile.

Police apprehended a suspect who they say randomly fired a gun from his front porch and struck the 8-year-old boy on Friday.

Another "random" White victim of a race that simply can't function in a civilized society. Our gay Kenyan puppet apparently won't be giving a "think of the children" more needs to be done speech about this particular incident.

Authorities arrested 55-year-old Wayne Snowden of the 300 block of South Hanover Street, North Coventry Township and charged him for aggravated assault for allegedly shooting the child, 8-year-old AJ Hanger, as he rode his bike with a friend around 5 p.m. Friday.

Another "riding a bike in a negro area gone wrong" situation. Where were the parents? If you're not teaching your White children to avoid the negro and negro areas you're not doing your job.

Police say Snowden was standing on his porch speaking with individuals inside the residence when he raised a handgun and fired a single shot in the direction of Coyne Alley.

It's funny how accurate those "stereotypes" are.

This worthless turd shot a child.

The bullet struck Hanger in the leg as he passed the Pottstown Dance Theatre near the intersection of West Main Street and Coyne Alley, North Coventry Township.

Fortunately it's very hard to correctly aim a gun when you're holding it sideways while "faded" on malt liquor.

"The defendant was extraordinarily reckless," said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan. "The right to own firearms includes the responsibility to handle firearms safely."

If you weren't already physically ill, this should get the job done. Let's demonize gun ownership, let's blame an inanimate object for the appalling pathology of a worthless savage. This is not a gun issue, it's a negro issue. 

Also, "reckless." Yeah, I guess shooting at children from your porch while drunk would fit that description. A pathetic White careerist downplays the horrific anti-soul of a failed race. 

"We are all grateful that this innocent child was not killed just a couple of days before Mother's Day," Hogan added.

Thank you, unnamed deity whose name we're forbidden to say!

"I want to reassure the community that the victim in this case was not specifically targeted," said North Coventry Township Police Chief Bob Schurr. "This was a case of irresponsible gun handling in its most tragic form."

How do they know this? Seriously, what evidence points to this conclusion other than a desire to sweep this incident under the rug? You're a careerist piece of shit, Bob. A White child shot by a jungle animal and you're sure it was some sort of accident, or at worse the evil handgun that commits crimes on its own.

I wonder if this scumbag would say this if it was his child shot. The scary thing is that he probably would. Lambs to the slaughter. Jewish materialism greases the gears of White genocide.

But let's blame the gun and not a evolutionary dead-end that thought it would be fun to shoot a White kid.

Full Story.

The "slap on the wrist" wheels are already in motion, this negro monster is not going to be punished for a crime that's unbelievably awful even by negro standards. I wonder what they'd be saying if the White boy was shot in the head? Would we hear the same bleating about "responsibility" and the importance of "gun handling" and we're 100 percent sure this is just randomly firing a gun gone wrong and not a racially motivated attack?

Probably. The White check cashing traitor deserves as much of the blame for the coming collapse as the communist jew behind the curtain. Maybe more. Take away all White support of the Long March Through the Culture and we'd win tomorrow. They can't destroy us without our consent.

The U.S.S.A. is dead. What remains is an ugly bloated corpse, picked at by scavengers, belching foul gas from rotting organs. The flames of cremation await. 


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