Clown College: Hip-Hop Institute Opens

Every negro is a future (c)rap star, so it stands to reason that the more educated "bruthas" would want to study this highly vibrant art form at the communist indoctrination center. Thanks to vanishing standards, spiritual sickness and overall cultural decay, this is now possible. Barkevious and Ha Ha can now earn college credit listening to other negroes talking over the same four notes being endless repeated. Talking about killing Whites, having sex with White women, killing other negroes, and all the other beautiful and inspiring images and concepts birthed from an 85 I.Q. mind, a narcissism that ignores reality and a simmering hatred for all White people.

Now we can pretend this steaming pile of shit is part of higher education.

Hip-hop has long been used as a vehicle for education

I have to agree with that. Here's some examples:

White boy in the wrong place at the right time
Soon as the car door open up he mine
We roll up quick and put the pistol to his nose
By the look on his face he probably shitted in his clothes

I would kill a cracker for nothing, just for the fuck of it

Snipers hitting Caucasians with semi-automatic shots heard around the world

Don't bust until you see the whites of his eyes, the whites of his skin

There's a positive side and the positive side is this: sooner than later the brothers will come to Islam, and they will be the soldiers for the war  

Shaking pinky up on a dull-ass ice-pick

Sticking guns in crackers' mouths

It's open season on crackers, you know; the morgue will be full of Caucasian John Does

Blacks and Mexicans must take a stand. . . . I'm down with Chico, and not with the man

We got crackers to kill; sending them back in on a ship to Europe 

The white man is the devil

Check out the countless children’s videos that teach fundamentals like spelling and math through rap. 

Look out racially homogenous Asian countries, we've got a new secret weapon!

9th Wonder, born Patrick Douthit, became a “professor” at the college when he was named Artist in Residence in 2006.

Negro delusion and narcissism, make-work jobs, special preferences, the usual.

In addition to setting up the Hip-Hop Institute, Douthit is currently a professor at Harvard University, a three-year fellowship where he is conducting his thesis on the samples that encompass his Top 10 albums and teaching a Standards of Hip-Hop course. It’s documented in his film The Hip-Hop Fellow.

The death of our institutions, followed by the death of our nation. Ranking hate-filled, anti-White jungle music as a thesis. 

After that, the Institute will be broken into four schools, including Mass Communications, Law, History, and Music. Later, Science and Technology will be added to the roster.

No, this isn't something I got from The Onion. This is the pathetic absurdity of a nation that has lost its mind. We're going to close that science and technology gap by making grade-school rhymes about shooting Whites and converting to Islam. 

Douthit insists that he is confident in the Hip-Hop Institute's ability to prove that hip-hop has now entered a new school of thought. “Everything that people think hip-hop is not, it’s gonna be.”

He then mumbled some words about raping a White woman.


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