Good News Monday: The European Awakening

It's memorial day here in the U.S.S.A. All the good little tax-payers are sincerely reflecting on the incredible sacrifices made by White men to advance the cause of jewish communism. We can look around at the open sewer our country has become and realize they not only died for nothing but their wasted lives were instrumental in creating the present kosher nightmare. Eat a hamburger, drink that domestic beer, try to numb the growing sense that everything has gone to hell. 17 trillion in sin debt. Dying cities. Undeclared one-sided race war. Amnesty for foreign invaders. Yeah, drink that victory beer. It will be fine, the jew on the television said so.

We should be having a memorial for our dead nation, a nation that was poisoned by prosperity and committed suicide.

In Europe, the news is somewhat more hopeful. The so-called "extreme right" has made massive gains as the average European can now clearly see the writing on the wall. Loss of culture, loss of national identity. White genocide. I don't know if voting in kosher elections can solve this problem, but if it can there's reason for hope. 

Far-right and Euroskeptic parties made sweeping gains in European Parliament elections Sunday -- triggering what one prime minister called a political "earthquake" by those who want to slash the powers of the European Union or abolish it altogether.

One side offers Globalism, the tan everyman, wealthy jews and starving Whites, foreign invasion, alien religions and cultures and national destruction. The "extreme right" represents nationalism, a future for Whites, our blood and soil. Which way, Europe?

One of the most significant winners was France's far-right National Front party, which was the outright winner in France with 26 percent support-- or 4.1 million votes.

We are the future, they are the past. To arms, citizens.

"The sovereign people have spoken ... acclaiming they want to take back the reins of their destiny," party leader Marine Le Pen said in a statement. She called the results "the first step in a long march to liberty."

It's only the first step, but at least it's a step in the right direction, away from a nation of burning cars, sharia no-go zones, and gelded politicians afraid to even discuss the rot.

The National Front like other far-right parties across Europe promote anti-immigrant and often anti-Semitic policies.

Translation: They promote pro-White policies.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, in an impassioned televised speech, called the National Front win "more than a news alert ... it is a shock, an earthquake."

You haven't seen anything yet. The White man is slow to anger, slow to awaken, but when he finally does...

Pro-European parties "have to take very seriously what is behind the vote," said Martin Schulz of the Socialist group in parliament.

Pro-Europe = Anti-Europe.

Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Liberal caucus in the European Parliament, conceded as much but said even after the vote, two-thirds of the European lawmakers would be "people who are in favor of the European Union."

They still have control. For now.

The National Front was not the only party benefiting from widespread disillusionment with the EU. Nigel Farage, leader of the fiercely Euroskeptical UKIP party, believed he was on track for a historic victory.

Even the United Kaliphate is waking up. Our enemy must be terrified.

"I don't just want Britain to leave the European Union," he added. "I want Europe to leave the European Union."


Conservative caucus leader Joseph Daul put a brave face on the results Sunday. "One thing remains certain: EPP is the responsible political force in Europe, which keeps Europe open," he said.

"Don't worry, we're still working hard to destroy everything."

Voters also put new parties in the European Parliament, with preliminary results showing that Sweden elected the first lawmaker from a feminist party and the Dutch returned one representative for the Party for the Animals.

The kosher poison is still there, of course. Jew feminism. I'm guessing the "Party for Animals" is going to be pro-immigration.

Full Story.

Despite an endless campaign to vilify nationalist parties as "racists" and "haters" and, of course, "anti-semites who gassed me six times and made me live with wolves in the forest" the voters have spoken. The average White European is starting to question the value of an endless foreign invasion of brown aliens. There's a chance to save everything, or at least contain the rot.

Back in the U.S.S.A. our mulatto homosexual president sticks his chin in the air and reads lines about our dead White soldiers, secretly wondering if his Party for Animals might be losing control. 


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