Here For Better Child Rape

The la-teen-oh is a natural conservative with excellent family values, we are told. Inside every brown, sawed-off, unwashed, doesn't know how to correctly use a toilet, "eye speeek-ee nada In-gleeesh," criminal invader is a small government and individual rights conservative, desperately trying to get under the mental border fence of laziness, welfare dependency and refusal to assimilate. It's just a matter of time before these alien leeches start supporting candidates that will end their free ride on Whitey's dime, trust me, it totally makes sense.

While we're waiting for this unbelievably shrewd Loser Party strategy to pay off the communists in power have decided that doing anything to stop the foreign conquest is "races" and wrong. We don't want to hear any more heart-rending tales about how Pablo was sent back to may-hee-co and torn from his thirty children for something as trivial as violating our national sovereignty. This policy has led to child rape, but hey, eggs, omelet, etc.

In March 2014, illegal aliens were charged with more than 250 separate counts of sex crimes against children, throughout the state of North Carolina.

Doing the sick evil that Whites won't. Our criminal government enabled this.

This war against the children of North Carolina is simply the inevitable result of both the Obama administration's decision to basically suspend all immigration enforcement, as well as city governments throughout the state implementing so-called 'sanctuary policies' which shield criminal aliens from possible deportation.

A nation that has lost its soul and mind. The demographic displacement of Whites has been accomplished. The marxists will never lose another election, they finally have their massive dependent underclass. Balkanization and secession now loom large.

Eyyy, I vote for libertarian candidates, I theeenk.

In light of the fact that more than 250 sex crimes were committed by illegal aliens in North Carolina during a one-month period, one must ask the question...How many such offenses occurred last month in the border states of Arizona, or Texas or California?

The more you think about it the sicker you'll feel. Then you'll realize this was all done intentionally by big jew to destroy traditional White America.

Of course, the federal government fails to keep statistics on the number of crimes committed by those here illegally, so we simply don't know.

An amazing way to lower crime rates, as seen in Chicago.

However, if the total number of sex crimes committed in this country by illegal aliens was ever divulged, it would forever bring to an end, any hopes of amnesty legilsation actually getting through Congress...Hence, the secrecy!

Yeah, don't bet on it. The appalling negro crime rate is known to all but the most deluded marxist true-believers and all we get as a response is "more needs to be done" and "White racism caused this."

A nation of millions invaded and conquered without a single shot fired. We were asleep in front of the electronic synagogue when our country was lost. Now the victorious invaders reap the spoils and rape our children. We're not going to vote our dead nation back to life. We must build a White homeland to replace it.


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