Latest Solution to Detroit Rot: Sell it to China

The Chinese are no strangers to entering the Heart of Darkness, stripping anything of value and then getting out. It isn't surprising that they would turn their attention toward parts of America that might as well be Africa, starting with the Midwest Mogadishu, Detroit. Meanwhile, local "leaders" are desperate enough to accept any solution that doesn't involve facing racial reality. "More immigration!" they bellow, hoping against hope that little brown engineers and doctors will come to a city carpet-bombed by the content of the negro character. It seems that they are coming, not to save the city but to loot it.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder seems to have no qualms about foreign immigration as the path to salvation for America’s first Third-World city, Detroit. Back in January, he announced that he was going to ask the federal government to allocate 50,000 EB-2 visas over five years to Michigan/Detroit to attract those immigrants.

Might as well. It's not like it could get worse than it already is. An entire American city lost to negro dysfunction, brought to its knees by genetic differences and now a Third World hell.

“Let’s send a message to the entire world: Detroit, Michigan is open to the world,” he’s quoted as saying from a press conference at the time.

The open door to nowhere.

Snyder’s plan would be to attract those highly-skilled immigrants to “fill jobs in automotive engineering, information technology, healthcare and life sciences.”

What will actually occur is another flood of uneducated may-hee-cans who can then wage tribal warfare against the negroes with a pile of ruins as a backdrop.

As one might expect, the local majority-Black populace balked at the idea when it was announced.

"Dis sheet be wack. We doan need no em-a-gant fom de tex-now-agee feel. I hate de wite debil."

Even if it does not take a specific job away from native-born job-seekers, it makes immigrants “more marketable than educated current residents,” said the Rev. Horace Sheffield III, executive director of the Detroit Association of Black Organizations.

A leaking bag full of dog shit is more marketable than the current residents, "reverend."

So where does China come into the mix? According to Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog, “Chinese homebuyers and Chinese businesses are starting to flood into the Motor City, and the governor of Michigan is greatly encouraging this.”

Come on in, guys! How would you like to buy a tunnel or island, dirt cheap!

After Detroit announced its bankruptcy in 2013, the Chinese began to take the city by storm. Rich Chinese men see Detroit as a rare opportunity for investment outside their home country.

How to loot America.

This flood of Chinese into various locales around the US tells us what we already know: that America has been partially colonized over the last 50 years by immigrants hailing mostly from Asia and Latin America. While the well-to-do progressives who manage the media-academic Cathedral consistently tell us that this development is a net positive of ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism—while they themselves remain in isolated and racially homogenous enclaves throughout the country—it’s becoming consistently more difficult for the rest of the country to agree.

Everything you need to know about immigration and "diversity" in one neat little paragraph.

But, at least in the case of Detroit, if enough Chinese begin to immigrate there, it seems the city’s majority-Black residents will finally be able to stop blaming White racism for the city’s dysfunction.

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