Law Enforcement Officers Assigned to Louisville School Buses

As the necrosis of "diversity" devours the cold body of the U.S.S.A. the traditionally institutions must resort to increasingly desperate measures to control the content of their character and the foreign invader here for a better life. We need militarized police hiding behind masks and we need them everywhere. Maybe keep the lid on for another year or two, prop up the corpse and pretend everything is fine. What was once America is gone. What remains is a pathetic mockery, a land of idiocy and violence, filth and decay.

Sworn law enforcement officers are now riding on several Jefferson County Public School buses.

The tyranny continues to battle the anarchy, fighting the long demographic defeat.

The union that represents bus drivers said the situation on some school buses is so bad right now the drivers are in fear for their own safety.

The end result of negro appeasement. No improvement, savage violence directed at any convenient target.

Stovall said there are also officers on buses from Kammerer Middle School too.

Once the negro becomes physically mature, a process that happens much faster than in Whites, it becomes dangerous. Middle Schoolers need a police presence.

Before the new police state.

“They can't operate a school bus at 45,000 pounds up to 60 kids on the bus and be a disciplinary too,” Stovall said.

Since we're throwing out numbers, let's not forget the 85 I.Q. average.

The negro is not compatible with Western civilization and it was cruel lunacy to attempt to force them into it. The answer is there removal. The answer is a White nation.


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