Negro Animal Kills Puppy

The negro anti-soul manifests itself in many ways. Often it's violence aimed at Whites, born from an insane jealousy and fueled by the kosher media and education complex. When they're not targeting "pink people" you can be sure they'll be tearing into each other in endless all against all tribal warfare. In the absence of such victims, other animals are targeted. We've seen it with worthless NFL negroes and now we get another disturbing glimpse into the ethical wasteland inside of the average negro.

A Douglasville woman has been arrested for stealing and killing her neighbor’s puppy.

I'm not sure if this counts as a "robbery gone wrong."

According to Douglas County officials, Ryeeah Hatcher, 27, was arrested Tuesday and has been charged with: theft by taking, willful obstruction of law enforcement and aggravated cruelty to animals.

Prepare to be enriched by the diversity. This walking dog shit has no place in White nations.

The family that owned the dog, 'Sunshine', is beside themselves. The puppy was only six-months-old.

It's hard for a White person to even comprehend the idiotic nihilism of the 85 I.Q. savage.

Worthless, half-formed creature tortured and killed a puppy.

Investigators tell FOX 5 Hatcher stole Sunshine and stuck the dog into a back-pack while it was crying. She beat the dog up against a tree and was slapping it and hitting it with her fist. The dog died inside the back-pack.
The negro anti-soul.

Low I.Q. Lack of future time orientation. Propensity toward violence. Lack of empathy for others. Inability to connect cause and effect. These are the defining traits of the "African American," our equal.  


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