Racially Motivated "Smack Cam" Attacks Hit Public School

Public School is child abuse. The endless kosher lies about how we're all equal despite massive evidence to the contrary and how race doesn't exist but Whites are evil and so on is bad enough. If there's a significant percentage of la-teen-ohs and negroes racially motivated attacks are likely, attacks that will be ignored by those in power. The violence, the third world ugliness, the soviet war propaganda taught as fact...get your children out of there while you still legally can.

Three Allentown high school students have been charged with ethnic intimidation for allegedly recording themselves bullying other students and posting the resulting “smack cam video” on Facebook.

Another scene from a dead nation. Walking dog turds preying on Whites and recording the results. With no fear of punishment (it would be "races!") the negro reverts to its natural pathology.

The three males – two aged 15 and one aged 14 – are accused of selecting the victims, in part, because they are white, according to a news release from Lehigh County District Attorney James Martin.

Yeah, "in part." It's probably just a crazy coincidence that all the targets were White. Go back to sleep, nothing to see.

Three teens were sitting at a table in the school cafeteria when three other teens allegedly approached and started making comments. Prosecutors said the teens used profanities to mock the other students’ race, stature and appearance, such as the glasses they were wearing.

The content of their character.

The suspects used the racial slur “pink” in referring to the white victims, according to investigators.

Maybe these "teens" can become "community activists" in a few years. They won't be seriously punished for this, after all.

Investigators said the teen filming the incident then took close-ups of the three boys seated at the table and concluded the video by saying, “That was a Smack Cam 3. All right, we done.”

That was an egalitarian democracy. All right, we done.

"We be larnin an sheet."

The three suspects, whose identities are not being released due to their ages, are charged with harassment, a summary offense, and ethnic intimidation, a third-degree misdemeanor.
We'd make them do a book report, but no one died. 

The undeclared one-sided race war continues, in the public schmuels, in the streets, in the halls of government. Their ultimate goal is White genocide. We need to survive and organize. The end of the U.S.S.A. is coming.  


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