Tribal Warfare at Negro Motorcycle Rally

When the negro gathers in significant numbers trouble is not far behind. This is the case whether it's a shopping center, a dying American city or an entire continent. The genetic differences that make them incompatible with Western civilization are prominently on display, the pathetic content of their character is visible to anyone who is willing to give the situation an honest appraisal. We are not equal. We can't live together. They need to be removed.

Myrtle Beach police responded to six separate shootings Saturday that left three people dead and five people wounded over Memorial Day Weekend CNN reports, citing police Capt. David Knipes.

Would a White event of equivalent size generate six separate shootings over one weekend? We all know the answer, although most won't dare speak it.

The fatal shootings occurred at the Bermuda Sands motel, where three people were killed and one person was wounded. According to Captain Knipes, no one has been arrested.

The usual "no arrests were made." Slowly the U.S.S.A. takes on the form of the dark continent. No rule of law. Tribal violence. Corrupt and feckless authorities.

According to one witness interviewed by WPDE, one of the victims tried to escape the mayhem, running away after being shot.

"Dey be rannin way fom de may-ham an sheet. We be dyin' he-ah!"

The shootings occurred during Black Bike Week, an annual celebration which attracts hundreds of thousands of bikers and non-bikers alike. Black Bike Week, also referred to as the Atlantic Beach BikeFest, is the largest African- American motorcycle rally in the U.S.

Totally predictable negro failure rides with it.

The dark future?

“The senseless acts of criminals and unruly visitors have once again marred what should have been a stellar weekend celebrating our Armed Forces and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of America."

"We were supposed to be thinking about how good it is to die for the jew, but the negro pathology got in the way."

"Unfortunately, none of us are surprised"

Yeah. No shit.

"The issue is not race. The issue is responsibility."


After decades of negro appeasement we've achieved nothing. We haven't miracled up a batch of deeply tanned Whites with flat noses and receding foreheads. Instead we're stuck with the same failed branch of humanity, the same all against all dysfunction. It's time for that honest "conversation on race." It's time for the deportations.


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