Armed Whites Defeat Negro Home Invasion

You need to be armed. Ignore everything else I say and listen to this and I'll count it as a net victory. Whites are now facing open warfare in our nations. We're being targeted for destruction by the communist jew. The negro and the la-teen-oh are being used as biological weapons. The 90 I.Q. police force and the "races" justice system are not going to protect us. It's our own responsibility, our fight for survival. It's the difference between living another day and becoming a forgotten hush crime victim.

A husband and wife armed with guns were able to stave off an apparent home invasion Monday night, police said.

The same situation without armed Whites would have led to a very different outcome.

One man was killed and a second taken to a hospital in the incident, which happened about 11 p.m. in the 4600 block of Newport Avenue.

One animal was permanently cured of its criminality, the other will receive free medical care paid for by White tax-payers.

Police say a 17-year-old girl who lived at the home was outside retrieving something from her car when she was approached by two masked and armed men who forced her into her house, using her as a shield.

Negro terrorism. A cowardly, violent, moronic worthless race, brought here in jewish chains, unleashed by cultural marxism. This living dog shit has no place in a White nation.

The teen’s father, 34, saw the men walking up with his daughter, got his firearm and fired several shots at them, striking both of the men as they entered his home.

The correct way to handle a racially motivated "robbery gone wrong."

One of the men, Terrell Johnson, 31, of the 4500 block of Natural Bridge Road, collapsed on the living room floor and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nothing of value was lost.

The second man, Cortez McClinton, 33, was standing behind Johnson when Johnson was shot. McClinton pointed a gun inside the doorway and also was shot. McClinton then ran away and got his brother to transport him to a hospital, police said. He was treated for gunshot wounds to the chest and both thighs.

Faced with well-prepared Whites the negro melts. This genetic alien used that amazing "southern speed" to run from the Whites it hoped to victimize.

McClinton, of the 3100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, was charged with second-degree murder (also called felony murder), kidnapping, burglary and armed criminal action. McClinton’s cash bail was set at $1 million.

This creature might get a year or two in the "crib." Its "homie" wasn't so lucky.

Stone Age leftover tried to prey on Whites, got shot.

In May 2010, McClinton was charged with fatally shooting Bryan Reed, 28, the previous month.

Another good boy, turning its life around.

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office dropped murder and armed criminal action charges against McClinton in Reed’s killing because of a lack of witness cooperation, said Susan Ryan, a spokeswoman for the office.

"I ain be snitchin'!" Dangerous simian goes through the judicial revolving door. Hopefully this time it will be put in a cage where it belongs.

McClinton has convictions in Missouri of drug possession and distribution and vehicle tampering.

Thanks to the eroding rule of law it might have murdered Whites. The gun put an end to it.

The system failed, but the gun worked. Avoiding the rot is becoming impossible in the U.S.S.A. We need to be ready to deal with it, until the day the whole rotten structure collapses. Then we will build a nation for Whites.


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