Eroding Rule of Law: Louisville Negroes Released

Back in March I discussed the undeclared, one-sided race war that was silently destroying Louisville, another American city on the fast track to Detroit-style collapse. The reaction from the "leadership" was typical: negroes demanded "mo free sheet" and cowardly careerist Whites ignored the obvious racial cause in favor of spouting marxist drivel. The truth is the negro is only kept from jealousy-fueled racial attacks by their natural cowardice and a fear of an increasingly gelded "races" justice system. As the willingness to actually punish negro pathology vanishes, these crimes are going to become even more common.

Make no mistake, our rule of law is collapsing. It started with "we could never deport all those may-hee-can invaders!" and this learned helplessness is now infiltrating the entire system. Now we hear "we could never punish all those age 21 teens!" The next likely step is "prison amnesty."

I trust you've acquired a firearm and become proficient in its use. If not, stop reading this and go do that instead.

Four men were cleared Tuesday of all charges in connection with crimes in the city during a violent weekend in March.

Four dangerous animals were released back into a dying city, their hatred of Whites now stronger than ever.

All four will now try to go on with their lives, but it is back to the drawing board for the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Yes, the moronic genetic alien is going to move on with its life, back to the applied calculus, molecular biology, rapping, oceanography and basketball. The 90 I.Q. police officer can at least take some solace in knowing this really wasn't their fault, for once.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said the evidence wasn't clear enough to go to trial.

The "high quality" footage of brown blobs wasn't enough.

Useless footage of the content of their character.

"Thank you, Jesus. I told you I was going to pray until something happens," said Cheri Allen, whose son, Shaquazz Allen, was cleared.

The blasphemy and idiocy of an evolutionary dead-end. I think we can safely say that someone named "Shaquazz" has never contributed anything of value to Western civilization. 

Allen, 18, and his cousins Tyrone Booker, 19, Jerron Bush, 21, and Craig Dean, 20, were accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint at the intersection of Amy and Market streets.

I'm sure in reality they're good kids, turning their lives around. 

Allen and Booker were also accused of later assaulting a woman at the intersection of First and Liberty streets the same night a group of young people wreaked havoc in the downtown area.

Those crazy "young people," at it again. No mention of race, as per the jewish script. 

"You had a lot of cars getting broken into and that mob violence just kept continuing," said Leland Hulbert with the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

"I mean, what is this, Paris?"

"Spending two months (in jail). I didn't like it. I hated it," Shaquazz Allen said.

This is the mind of the American negro, the level of introspection they're capable of. Not fully animal, not fully human. A failed branch of humanity that must be removed for our own protection.

Supporters referred to them as the "Misidentified Four," claiming their arrest was a case of racial profiling.

When in doubt use jew communist vocabulary and blame Whites. Had enough of this yet?

Last month, surveillance footage reportedly showed Booker in a Thornton's around the time of the assault.

The police state fails to control the negro. We need more cameras, more spying, fewer rights. It will make you safe, honest.

Shaquazz Allen said he now plans to be an activist.

The next Barry Soetoro, at least until it kills someone in a "robbery gone wrong" and we're forced to actually put this piece of dog shit away.

"I would love to talk to the young people and tell them you can get accused of something you really didn't do," he said.

Or in your case, something you did do. 

"No more sleepless nights. No more headache, no more stress. No more anything. Back to normal life," Cheri Allen said.

Back to the normal routine of drug abuse, "down low," robberies and "kill Whitey."

Waddell is now investigating whether to bring a lawsuit against the city, police department and the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

Let's get that negro lottery going, too! If you don't think the collapse is coming, you're delusional.

Conrad said he still hopes someone will come forward with information about the violence that will lead to more arrests.

"No arrests were made."

The jews controlling our government, the communists pulling the levers of power, they want us dead. Obviously guilty negroes are now going unpunished with shocking regularity. The "races" justice system is a sick joke, a completely ruined kosher operation. No one is going to protect us except ourselves. The cameras that gather worthless footage can't do it. The increasingly militarized police that now recruits 90 I.Q. scumbags can't do it. It's up to us. Be armed and ready. Avoid the negro. 


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