Holohoax Industry: Massive Theatrical Production Planned

One of the biggest victories of our jewish enemy has been tricking Whites to actively fund their own brainwashing and destruction. Pay big money to see some kosher movie or play and then be exposed to anti-White messages under the guise of "entertainment." Whites are spending their hard-earned money to hear marxist sermons on how evil we are. Try that on any other race and see how well it goes. Our natural tendency towards justice, compassion and concern for the outsider has been ruthlessly exploited by racial enemies that want us dead. They don't just want us dead, they expect us to pay for the bullet behind the ear.

Anne Frank's diary has been brought to life in a multimillion pound theatrical production.

Jewish lies funded with stolen shekels. Pay to see this drivel, Whitey.

Simply titled 'Anne', the show transports viewers back to the Amsterdam apartment where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis during the Second World War.

Watch the special, unique sufferink of g*d's chosen people! All major credit cards accepted!

Set in a specially-built theatre on the outskirts of the town, viewers are able to watch the moment the Frank family are arrested and dragged away by German security police - as well as the moments leading up to that fateful moment.

Don't forget the homicidal death chambers and shrunken heads and jew soap and all the rest.

The show marks the first time a theatrical production has been forged directly from Frank's actual writings since an award-winning 1950s play that escalated her tale, which was little known at the time, to the world's attention.

"Forged" is the right word, no doubt about that.

With the blessings of the charity that owns the diary's copyright, Anne uses Frank's own words, including some passages excluded from the original published diary.

Yeah, some of those amazing "discovered" passages. Whites fall for this obvious con game.

Her father, Otto Frank, survived Auschwitz and later published Anne's diary, which had been saved by Miep Gies, one of the Dutch 'helpers' that brought the family food and other supplies.

Please ignore the highly suspicious nature of this tall tale.

Tickets range from 20-70 euros (£16-£55) but the Fond's licensing fees go to UNICEF, the U.N. children's fund.

We need that Third World population explosion, after all.

Full Story.

Our enemy has to keep the lies alive, has to keep us walking toward our own destruction. Even as our nations fall this nonsense continues. Wake up.


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