"Hundreds of Cameras" Fail to Prevent Negro Rape

For Whites the purpose of public school is indoctrination, to instill right-think, to make sure there's compliance with the goals of billionaire jew nation-wreckers. If some White victims get raped or murdered in the process that's just a bonus. Cultural marxism is a weapon intended to destroy Whites and only Whites, so the "minority" experience in the publik schmuel is a little different. Gladiator training. Gang recruiting. Drugs. Rape in the hallways. Despite efforts to make these structures as similar to a prison as possible the negro pathology finds a way.

A 17-year-old student has been released on bail after being arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl in their school hallway.

Sure, release this animal. It's probably a good boy turning its life around, future neurologist or rapper, the usual.

Jocori Scarborough allegedly forced the girl, whose name is not being released due to her age and the nature of the crime, to follow him down to a hallway in Parkside High School in Maryland where there were no surveillance cameras.

Big Brother failed. We don't even have blurry footage of this African-style horror. Genetic determinism defeats the wasteful spending, as usual.

Local station WBOC reports that she repeatedly said 'no' but he is seen grabbing her by the arm and forcing her into an area where the security cameras could no longer record their interactions.

Keep paying those taxes, Whitey. Stay asleep. I'm sure we can convert this monster into a good little citizen.

Once out of sight, he allegedly lifted up her skirt, removed her underwear and forced sexual intercourse. She maintains that she tried to stop him throughout the incident and continually shouted 'no'.

The content of their character. Typical negro behavior.

He was detained on Tuesday and released that night on a $100,000 bond. It is not clear who the girl notified after the alleged attack or why it took a day for Scarborough to be arrested.

Yeah, who knows. Hey, did you see the African Tree Hockey?

Muzzle. Brow ridge. Low I.Q. Soulless dead eyes. This is the enemy.

'How could that go on where a teacher doesn’t know?' fellow student Kelsie Dukes told The News Journal.

"Dem niggas be ruttin' on dem hoes an dee tee-cha ain't be nawing?"

'It’s scary. It's very scary.'

The implications for the future of the U.S.S.A., however short it might be, certainly are.

Officials said that there are hundreds of cameras throughout the schools and buses in Wicomico County but it does not appear that this particular hallway was under surveillance at the time of the attack.

Despite an Orwellian police state the negro still acted in a totally predictable fashion. They don't belong in a White nation.

'At any given moment, there may not be people in every nook and cranny of the building,' superintendent of schools John Fredericksen told The New Journal.

Right. Who could possibly keep track of all those negroes. 

'You can't control the behaviors of every person all the time. But we are as safe as you can possibly be within our situation.'

This is why they need to be removed from our nations.

Putting cameras everywhere is not going to magically change the behavior of alien savages. Just ask the United Kaliphate. The solution is a White nation.


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  2. "we are as safe as you can possibly be within our situation"

    A magnificent epitaph fit for the headstone

    and the assembled congregation of the Church of Cultural Marxism will all answer the funerary liturgy and all the responsorial psalms by the chanting in unison of... "Muh Dik"


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