Negro Brutally Murders White Woman in "Drug Deal Gone Wrong"

Get on drugs Whitey! This is another verse in the song of cultural destruction composed by the Frankfurt School jew. Big jew spends big money to advance the goal of turning Whites into soulless slaves to narcotics. The pathetic White junkie is no threat to the cultural marxist agenda and because this addiction forces interaction with society's scum it places Whites in harm's way with the negro and la-teen-oh sewage. The outcome is predictable and totally according to the plans of the nation-wreckers.

A 42-year-old St. Louis man faces first-degree murder charges in the death of a 24-year-old woman whom police say was killed in a fight over drugs.

No race mentioned, of course. Let's look at a few pictures.

Another forgotten victim of the Long March Through the Culture.

This genetic alien murdered a debased White woman.

City prosecutors charged on Thursday charged Raheem Thorpe in connection with the Wednesday night homicide of Lauren Bach. St. Louis police say they found Bach in a bathtub at a home in the Carondolet neighborhood with injuries to her head and neck as well as bite marks on her neck and back.

Battered and mauled by an African animal. Bite marks. This is the content of their character. This is what happens to a slumbering White in a drug-induced fog who believed all the kosher lies.

Investigators say the woman died from strangulation.

The story, which has received almost no coverage, will now be sent down the memory hole.

If we're going to survive the coming collapse we must be strong in mind, body and spirit. Loading up on kosher poison to escape reality, while perhaps understandable, is not the answer. We must be sober and vigilant. The summer "busy season" is here and the rot never rests. Protect yourself and avoid the negro.


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