Negro "Open Shooter" At Chicago Laundromat, Media Silent

Watch a kosher news cast, if you have the stomach for it, and it will become pretty clear what the ruling criminals feel we as Whites need to know about. Africa Ball. "Heroic" sodomites. Our brave troops bleeding and dying for zionism half a world away. A wealthy jew expressing his true feelings toward the negro they use as a weapon against us. An evil half-caste shooting people because he couldn't get a women. In summation, a giant steaming pile of garbage.

Meanwhile the negro dysfunction continues to consume our urban areas, but for whatever reason this is not deemed important. Let's keep ignoring that brown elephant in the room. I'm sure they'll shape up any day now, as long as we keep spending. This has been the strategy for decades. Negro appeasement, lies and silence. Thanks to the internet, that time is over.

At least six people, including two teenagers, were shot Monday night at a laundromat in Chicago, according to multiple reports.

Another negro mass shooting. They lied about that, too.

The shootings took place around 8:30 p.m. at the Sudz laundry in the city's South Side. Four victims, including the two teens -- ages 14 and 16 -- are in serious-to-critical condition at area hospitals, the Chicago Tribune reports.

African tribal warfare rages in the still heart of a deceased nation. Looks like that "busy season" is here.

Most of the victims appear to be young adults, and the Chicago Sun-Times says one of the other victims is a 16-year-old boy.

Welcome to "Chiraq," land of massive gun control legislation, amazing diversity and "young adult" pathology.

“It’s too dangerous to let my kids play around the neighborhood,” construction worker Matthew Gills, who lives across the street from the laundromat, told the Sun-Times. “That’s all it is is gangs. Gangs, gangs, gangs, gangs, gangs. I don’t even want to be in Chicago because it’s too dangerous. I’m trying to move to Texas.”

Run Whitey, run! It's not like there's a kosher plan in place already to chase you down. I'm sure you'll find safe all-White areas in a state steadily being annexed by May-hee-co.

Tweets from the scene showed the laundromat surrounded by crime scene tape as police worked inside.

Hashtag "Death of a Nation."

Bloated negresses and militarized police clean up the after the "diversity."

One customer said she was on her way to do her laundry when the shooting began.“I’m sitting there looking at this lady lying on the ground, crying,” Nashon Williams told CBS. “I was just about to walk through the doors.” 

"I be finnin taw wah dat lawndree when dere be dis rat-chat on de grown an sheet."

The Tribune reports that at least five people were also wounded in shootings elsewhere in the city on Monday evening. And CBS says there have been 23 people wounded by gunfire and seven killed in shootings since Friday.

The content of their character. All against all African warfare rages in a city built by White, for Whites. The police will lie about the numbers and claim everything is actually fine. The Whites will run for their lives, only to discover there's nowhere left to run.

The U.S.S.A. is doomed. Our job is to survive until the collapse is complete and then rebuild a White nation. Be armed and vigilant. The summer "busy season" is here and the "content of their character" will be on full display. Protect yourself and your family. The future is White nationalism.


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