Own Goal

In Brazil an ugly third world spectacle is currently unfolding, where negroes, la-teen-ohs and assorted mystery meat represent formerly White nations in a battle to see who can sell out their racial and cultural identity most completely. Meanwhile, in the African Heart of Darkness the monochrome population is excited about their team of identical-looking and behaving diversity. Unfortunately, they also have to deal with the rich vibrancy of the "Religion of Peace." This is America's future if we fail: mindless brown clones preying on each other against a backdrop of burning ruins.

At least 13 people including young children were killed when a bomb tore through a venue in northeast Nigeria where fans had gathered to watch a World Cup soccer match.

All against all in "The Mother." Their population is exploding just like those jihadan bombs. They want to enter our White nations and our kosher ruling criminals are encouraging it.

Some people at the scene said an attacker dropped a device in front of the venue on Tuesday night in the town of Damaturu and ran off, while others said it was the work of a suicide bomber.

The difference between moderate and radical Islam: moderates plant explosive devices, radicals wear "heaven robes."

Damaturu and the surrounding Yobe state are at the heart of a five-year-old insurgency by Islamist group Boko Haram.

Coming soon to Europe and the U.S.S.A.

The Nigerian government has advised people to avoid gathering in public to watch the World Cup, concerned about potential attacks.

No rule of law. A helpless central authority. This sure sounds familiar.

No, this isn't El-France.

Many fans in soccer-mad Africa rely on informal venues, often open-sided structures with televisions set up in shops and side streets to watch live coverage of the sport.

After America enters history's crematorium we can expect to see these same "informal venues" where debased Whites can huddle close to the jewish glow and then be victimized by our racial enemies.

Boko Haram, whose name roughly translates as "Western education is sinful" - has declared war on all signs of what it sees as corrupting Western influence.

More like the corrupting jewish influence. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

We're at a crossroads. The choice is a restoration of our White homelands and the Golden Age that will follow or to continue on the current kosher road to African and Latin American ruin. I made my choice a long time ago. We must save our race and save civilization.


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