Racially Motivated Shooting Goes Down Memory Hole

How long are Whites going to stay asleep? Currently every effort is being made by the jew wire-pullers to insure the careerism coma, the "everything is fine" delusion, continues. The violence of the one-sided undeclared race war currently raging is buried by the dinosaur media. Distractions like African Tree Hockey and kosher "reality" television are offered as an alternative. Controlled opposition, such as the Loser Party, is provided to drain our resources and create a "You could never defeat the course of history!" communist narrative. Those that do break free from the kosher matrix are vilified, their lives ruined, sometimes imprisoned. Still, the tide is turning. Everyday our enemy is losing ground. We have the truth on our side, they have lies, con games, numbing narcotics and a corrupt system.

Evansville police are investigating an early-morning shooting on Friday that left one person injured.

"No arrests were made."

Authorities identified the injured man as 39-year-old Burt Bender. Bender was shot once in the abdomen. He is expected to survive, according to an Evansville Police Department news release.

No speeches from the Kenyan homosexual, no g*d's chosen weeping and wailing, no new laws or protections, just the silence of the tomb. They want us dead.

The incident happened about 1:45 a.m. on Friday near the intersection of Adams and Kentucky avenues. Bender told investigators he was walking home when a group of black men in a red Pontiac car approached him.

Another case of "walking while White." Another unarmed victim. We have to start protecting ourselves from the rot.

Bender, who is white, told police that the men in the car yelled several racial slurs at him before one of them shot him, according to the department news release.

Suffice it to say the national news, our ruling criminals and the "races" justice system is not interested in this case. Another racially-motivated negro attack on our race. Had enough yet?

Evansville Police Department Sgt. Jason Cullum said investigator don’t think Bender knew any of the men in the car that approached him.

Yeah. That's probably the case. Good job, 90 I.Q. militarized police.

Full Story.

 Biological weapon unleashed by the nation-wreckers.


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