Sacred Rule: Army Base Acts as Negro-Run Brothel

Our zionist army is a total and complete joke. Moronic negroes, sodomites, weeping women, sneaky la-teen-ohs and careerist politicians make up the American Golem, the heroic force for good that bravely fights for the best interests of Israel and jewish billionaires. I'm not complaining. When this mess is turned against American citizens, which now seems inevitable, it's best that cultural marxist madness has rendered it inept. Until then, we can watch the jewish necrosis spread through this institution and marvel at how the most ridiculous lies were once passed off on the average American dupe.

Lies like "we're all equal" and "the negro is just a sun-tanned White." How could we have been so foolish?

Two soldiers said Tuesday that a noncommissioned sexual-assault prevention officer at Fort Hood recruited them and other cash-strapped female soldiers to join a prostitution ring.

Hero soldiers bravely trading ass for cash, while the negro middle man pockets most of the federal reserve counterfeit. The heart swells with patriotic pride.

Their testimonies came during an Article 32 hearing to determine whether Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen will face a military court-martial on more than 21 criminal charges filed in March that include pandering, adultery and sexual assault. The hearing is similar to a grand jury proceeding.

No mention of race, as per policy. Maybe a picture would be helpful?

Negro hero/pimp proudly serves a dead nation.

“Basically, it was having sex with higher-ranking officers for money,” the private said, according to the Killeen Daily Herald.

Now go and die in some desert to keep this depravity going. They fought for nothing. They're perverts, opportunists and criminals.

She was 20 at the time of the alleged misconduct and said she confided in McQueen, telling him she was experiencing money problems after her husband left her and her 3-year-old son and drained the couple’s bank account.

...and I'm proud to be an Amerikwan/Where at least I know I'm free...

She also testified that McQueen had sex with her and took photos of her naked to show potential clients.

The content of their character. A relatively high-functioning negro parlays his 90 I.Q. and position of trust into turning an army base into a giant negro whore house. 

The private testified Tuesday that McQueen arranged for her to have sex with Grimes for $100.

Debase yourself with Private Chrissy! Only one Cee Note!

A second female soldier testified that McQueen sexually assaulted her and also attempted to recruit her to join the prostitution ring, but she declined.

When the 90 I.Q. scheming failed, more typical negro behavior emerges.

Anu Bhagwati, executive director of Service Women’s Action Network and a former captain with the Marine Corps, said prostitution rings are not uncommon within the military and the allegations against McQueen were no surprise.

We could never arrest all these prostitutes in uniform. Let's just give up.

“Women are so few within the military still that I think predators look at women as fresh meat and the military as an institution where they can get away with criminal activity.”

Because your average American woman, completely debased by jewish feminism and materialism, is a being of pure good and light and would never do anything wrong on their own.

McQueen is facing a court-martial.

At least we won't have to "trade" this piece of brown garbage for a handful of Religion of Peace fanatics.

In the last days of a dying empire the army suffers. Low quality foreigners are brought in, corruption and crime is common, morale plummets, atrocities become the norm, the soldiers run from their own shadows when facing any serious opposition. In our dead country this has all come to pass. All that remains is the full collapse when the order comes to attack "domestic enemies."


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