Wrong Turn

The jews controlling our media love to tell whole-cloth tales of "driving while black" or weave baseless fantasies about peaceful and diverse city-dwellers entering rural areas and being attacked by deformed Whites. Meanwhile, back in reality, stories of White drivers being attacked by negro mobs are little more than memory hole material. Detroit, the first American city to be fully annexed by Africa, is right at the heart of this growing danger. The kosher media would rather tell an apocryphal tale about a "well-behaved negro" being pulled over by police because of his skull shape than report this latest outrage. "Driving while White" can now join "Knockout Kings" and the summer of black pack attacks as the latest expression of an undeclared and completely one-sided race war.

A man is in the hospital after he got into a car crash, but it wasn't the crash that injured him. Instead, he was severely beaten afterwards on a nearby street corner.

A coming negro nightmare that makes "Mad Max" look tame.

He said he stopped and started to turn around when he was struck by a Chevy van. As Szczerbinski got out, he was confronted by the three guys who were in the van.

Those crazy "guys," at it again with their "pranks." No race mentioned, even in a case where talmudic "ethnic intimidation" charges are being considered. The same lies of omission from the dinosaur media.

Police sources told Local 4 the men quickly went on the attack, repeatedly punching and kicking Szczerbinski.

The content of their character. A fender-bender ends in a black pack attack. The negro is incapable of living in a civilized nation.

Another forgotten "Driving While White" victim.

The violent attack brings back memories of the assault on Steve Utash, the man who was severely beaten by an angry mob after hitting a boy on the east side of Detroit by accident.

Or at least it should, assuming you heard about that before we stopped talking about it and went back to non-stop coverage of the latest non-White "open shooter" or the muslim hero soldier who doesn't want to speak English right now.

Now, Szczerbinski and his family are focused on his recovery and they said they're hopeful police will track down those responsible.

I wouldn't hold my breath.

One man is reportedly in custody, potentially facing assault and ethnic intimidation charges.

Why there would be weird special charges on a case involving "guys" is a mystery of the dinosaur media.

Stay out of Detroit. Stay out of the negro areas. Be armed.


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