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Three Men, Possibly Teens

Negro pack attacks on White victims have become a common event here in the U.S.S.A. In the absence of White victims, with the evil "races" oppressor dead or fled, the "African American" will gladly target the Light of the World or, as in today's story, the la-teen-oh invader. This is the content of their character, their complete incompatibility with a civilized society or even an eroding and collapsing Latin American sewer. In Houston a natural conservative was attacked. This is what will remain when Whites are gone: endless all against all warfare, no discovery or innovation, no rule of law, no hope and no future. Lower races battling to the death in a meaningless war with ruins as a backdrop.

An east Houston man who was attacked and beaten by three men Thursday night believes he was the victim of a vicious game.

Obviously Pedro is mistaken since we all know the so-called "Knockout Game" doesn't really exist.

Quezada, 35, said that he had gone to …

White Woman Stabbed 72 Times by Negro Lover, Emergency Response Blamed

Once they go black, there's no going back. At best the end game will involve abandonment and a few mulatto abominations that will be raised by the government. At worst, 72 stab wounds from a genetic dead end. There's a reason why miscegenation provokes a visceral disgust in any sane and healthy White. It represents both personal and genetic suicide, a unique inheritance built over thousands of years defiled and destroyed by one rebellious act. She might be murdered by the negro animal, but she died inside long before the knife descended over and over.

Who is to blame? The marxist jew that endlessly promotes White woman/negro pairings on the electronic synagogue? The mindless negro that reverts to animal savagery against its "Snow Ho?" The parents that failed to correctly raise their White daughter? The woman herself for embracing these obvious lies in the name of "popularity" and petty rebellion?

Apparently the answer is none of the above. It's the fau…

Hungarian Ambassador Names the Jew

The flood of alien sewage crossing our southern border is like Moses or Jesus and it's our JEWdeo-christian duty to allow this worthless garbage into our dead nation. By the same token, Palestinian children represent a clear and present danger to Israel remaining a zionist state and must be blown to bits from a safe distance. We must believe these two conflicting ideas, says the jew behind the curtain. We must embrace our genocide while they cower behind a massive hate wall and blow up hospitals with missiles your tax dollars paid for. They are the Light of the World, they know what the "right thing" is.

In Eastern Europe, in nations that have felt the scourge of jewish communism, Whites are waking up. They're voting for "anti-semitic," i.e. pro-White, parties. They're naming the nation wreckers.

Normally, not many people would pay attention to the Hungarian Ambassador to Italy — even within Hungary or Italy.

Yeah, those little goyim nations aren't e…

True Evil: Negro Pack Attack Ignored in New Orleans

We can't change genetics, we can't change intelligence, we can't change a propensity toward violence. Attempts to do so are dead on arrival, as foredoomed to failure as education spending. Segregation existed for a reason, a very good reason. A negro can't be magically transformed into a deeply tanned White with a deformed skull. This has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. The new solution is to simply lie, obfuscate and ignore the crimes and pathologies of this failed race. Meanwhile, Whites are being targeted in an undeclared and completely one-sided race war.

Christopher Brumfield, 43, said he was brutally assaulted Saturday evening (July 26) in the St. Roch neighborhood by a dozen teenagers, at least one of whom he recognized from his time teaching art at the youth's school.

No race is given in this article, but we can be almost certain the victim is a White man. Who else would be naive enough to try to teach Stone Age monsters to appreciate White cultural ach…

New York Negro Robs 90-Year-Old

Trying to control the predictably bad behavior of the American negro is "races" and is also "the wrong thing to do." The fact that we have "over-crowded" prisons full of brown slime is clearly the result of Evil Whitey and not the genetic limitations of a failed race. In New York they tried to control the negro pathology and it was a sin, an offense to the State Religion. These attempts have ended and now the "African American" is again free to wallow in the pigsty that it creates wherever it is found in any significant numbers. The race to catch up to Detroit and Chicago is on.

Police are looking for a man who they said robbed a 90-year-old man in the parking lot of a Queens supermarket.

Elderly victims are, of course, among the favorite targets. The negro is a moronic coward.

The incident happened last Friday outside a Stop & Shop on 48th Street in Sunnyside.

Another "incident" to get down the memory hole. Hey, did you see the John…

Water For Negroes: Canadian Do-Gooders Offer Token Assistance

Cleaning up the self-created negro mess is always the responsibility of Whites, after the jew gets done blaming us for it, of course. We must constantly bail out this failed race, under the wildly misguided belief that this will somehow put an end to the predictable failure or that the dark mass will show even the smallest amount of gratitude for our endless sacrifices. We interfere with the content of their character at our own peril. The solution is their removal, not endless delusional attempts to wish away genetic determinism.

In Detroit, a city reduced to South Sudan levels of malfunction, the White do-gooders are on the case. This will surely be the magic bullet that reverses decades of failure and rot.

To protest thousands of residential service shutoffs by Detroit’s water department, a group from Windsor is planning to bring about 250 gallons of water across the border.

Canada will save our decimated urban jungles with empty gestures. As the Great White North gets steadily less…

Scientific American Fires Thought Criminals

Science makes us sad. It has an ugly habit of uncovering truths that are both impossible to deny and contrary to the delusional marxist worldview that now dominates the West. As we know, the truth is no defense, especially when the jew and their ugly cult of hatred and death is insulted. We must believe what the synagogue tells us to believe and double-think away the constant unpleasant realities that expose ideas like "equality" and "genetics plays a limited role" for the modern day flat earth theories that they are. When heretics question our state religion of sodomy, materialism, worship of the other, decline and rot they must be swiftly punished. The pursuit of knowledge is a crime.

Throughout its 169-year history, Scientific American has been an august and sober chronicler of the advance of human knowledge, from chemistry to physics to anthropology.

During the disastrous jewish century science became politicized, a tool to promote Right Think. If you want a ca…

NAACP Lawyer: Having to Pay for Water is "Races"

Every time the negro fails it's because of "racism." An isolated negro tribe in deepest Africa that has never even seen a White man is unbelievably superstitious, violent and moronic? Racism. White voters elect a mulatto jew puppet who kicks the plug of national life-support out of the socket, generating timid criticisms of this national suicide? Racism. An American city annexed by Africa becomes completely indistinguishable from Mogadishu. Yeah, you guessed it.

After over half a century of appeasing the negro, of pouring money and blood into a race that's simply incompatible with civilization, we're told it's our fault. As long as a single White person exists, anywhere, that individual is 100% to blame for the tribal warfare, the idiocy, the laziness, the promiscuity and perversion and all the other countless pathologies that typify the negro race.

Negroes in Detroit don't want to pay for water. Guess who gets the blame? Go on, guess.

After a class actio…

Chicago Tribal Warfare: A Bullet Came Through the Window

What has fifty-plus years of negro appeasement accomplished? Destruction of a nation, tribal warfare, ruined cities, racially motivated attacks on Whites, worthless currency, the election of corrupt politicians via racial headcounts, and a general downward spiral. African all against all has come to our cities. The obvious solutions are off the table. We're going to keep trying to wish away the genetic differences, the inherent inferiority of this failed race.

The brown bodies keep piling up. When the Whites have left, fleeing racial violence, this is what remains. Endless night, the fire of civilization smothered.

The bullet crashed through the wall of the bedroom and struck the 11-year-old in the head. She was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, where family kept an overnight vigil until the girl was pronounced dead at 7:33 a.m. today.

The collateral content of their character damage. Simian shootouts in a dead nation.

"They came out and told us she wasn't going to make it,&q…

White Woman Kidnapped and Murdered By Mexican Invaders

We need to go to war with Russia. The jew and its puppets shriek about "innocent lives" and "human rights," spoiling for a fight with one of the only European nations that remains outside of jewish control. Yes, we definitely need that World War 3 over some highly suspicious incident that has "Gulf on Tonkin" written all over it. Die for jewish billionaires, it's the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, we can't defend our own border. Whites are being murdered by invading third world animals, but this is apparently fine. These crimes are buried, the victims forgotten. Our ruling criminals want White displacement and destruction. We owe the cold body of our nation no loyalty whatsoever.

Following a joint investigation with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has arrested two men in connection to the kidnapping and murder of a Linden woman in what was originally thought to be a case of hit-and-run, according to the TBI.


Our Champion

The Democrat party is a rogues gallery of various assorted scum, criminals, perverts and nation-wreckers held together only by their mutual hatred of Whites. Their platform is nihilism and spiritual cancer. The Loser Party is supported, to the extent it now is, by the fiction that White America still exists or that it can be restored by anything less than the full collapse of the U.S.S.A. and/or violent revolution. Their platform is careerism, ineffectual resistance, pathetic "cooperation" with whatever rot is in fashion and generally fulfilling the role of the long shadow that trails after tyranny, supporting the communist platform from ten years ago and living in abject fear of accusations of "racism."

As Whites we have no one to vote for and are quickly losing the numbers where it would matter anyway. Balkanization seems likely, assuming the goal of White genocide is not successfully completed and the Whites that are aware and savable are able to organize. If we…

Reporter Punished For Speech Crime

A bit of rabbinical reasoning that has been trying to gain traction recently is the idea that a person has free speech, but also has to pay the consequences. By that rationale East Germany under jew communism also had free speech. If unpopular opinions aren't protected, free speech doesn't exist. If pointing out racial truths that are obvious to anyone but an idiot destroys your career and life, our First Amendment has lost all meaning. We're drifting toward "the truth is no defense" kosher madness. Our enemy wants us to be intimidated into silence, so they can create "narratives" that advance White destruction. This is why we must keep getting the truth out, before the inevitable "Think of the children!" internet censorship.

A white TV reporter who voiced his opinions about black families and relations with police during a segment about a fatal police shooting said Tuesday he was suspended from his station and won't return.

Shut up and di…

Multiple Failed Attempts

According to recent estimates Whites will become a hated minority in the U.S.S.A. in 2042. The jews controlling our government apparently aren't happy with this timetable for genocide and are doing everything possible to increase the flood of brown sewage across our open border. In less than thirty years every other face in America will be brown, their moronic animal features permanently screwed into an expression of sullen hatred for the few remaining Whites. The tan everyman, the talmudic promise of thousands of gentile slaves, an alien nation. No culture, no intelligence, no vision, no future.

As disturbing as that indisputable fact is, the truth is Whites will be politically marginalized long before we become the only minority with no special rights. It may have already happened. Whites, unlike every other race, don't vote as a monolith. The kosher cultural encirclements of feminism, the sodomite agenda, materialism, equality madness, and all the rest have left us divided …

Another New York Knockout Game Attack

Is it possible to include the negro in a civilized society? The short answer is "no," but there are strategies that can make the presence of this failed race less of a problem. Strategies like segregation and the constant threat of harsh punishments for their predictable pathology, the content of their character that our ancestors understood so well. These methods of controlling these genetic aliens have been abandoned and ridiculed as ignorant and ugly examples of our "races" past even as our "enlightened" society speeds toward full collapse.

In New York City another negro control strategy was attempted. Stop and frisk. The plan was simple. See a suspicious negro. Find a weapon on it. Pitch it into the "over-crowded" prison system. It didn't take long for the wise and noble kosher minds behind the death of our nation to decide this was "races." Now New York can race to catch up with Chicago and Detroit, race toward history's a…

Chicago: Negro Hammer Attack

We don't have a gun problem. We have a negro problem, we have a la-teen-oh problem, we have a jew problem. We have violent third world animals lurking amongst us, looking for Whites to prey on. We have spiritual sickness where this violence is promoted by the jewish "entertainment" industry and then buried by the dinosaur media. We have a genetic problem, a cultural problem, a racial problem. The only solution is a White nation.

"Guns are bad!" shrieks our kosher enemy, hoping to disarm Whites so they can be slaughtered by the biological weapons being imported with our tax dollars. In Chicago a piece of worthless negro shit attacked two (White?) women with a hammer. The content of their character on display, a city ready for the same mass grave Detroit's body was rolled into.

A hammer-wielding attacker with a long history of mental illness struck two 55-year-old women walking near Navy Pier, causing a head wound to one woman that took about 30 stitches to cl…

Ethiopian murders Elderly White in Iowa Home Invasion

What will it be like to live in the U.S.S.A. in a decade or two, assuming the rotten structure hasn't fallen? We will be a hated minority, powerless and endlessly vilified by the jews ruling over the ruins. We will be endlessly preyed upon, the crimes ignored and excused by the dinosaur media. Every failure, and there will be many, will be our fault. The light of civilization will flicker and die, the endless dark night of "it's the right thing to do" and "our gay brothers and sisters" will descend. You certainly won't want to be elderly if it comes to this.

Older Whites need to die so "racism" will go away. They will then be replaced by a gelded generation of future and current victims, indoctrinated in right-think by the kollege and the electronic synagogue. This is the goal of the nation-wreckers. This is why we must wake up our youth. For our elders the situation is more dire, as they're now the prime target of "minority" vio…

Arkansas Hush Crime: Shot, Beaten, Left for Dead

The dinosaur media has a very clear agenda: ensuring that the destruction of White nations by jew communists continues. To this end, any sort of deceit is acceptable. Since telling outright lies is much harder now, thanks to the internet, lies of omission have become the primary strategy. Just ignore the undeclared, one-sided race war currently raging in the U.S.S.A. We've already won one victory by making it very difficult for the media jew to create fictional "narratives" for anti-White purposes. The next battle is exposing the hush crimes that they try to bury.

A Pine Bluff man is left with multiple injuries after police say several suspects in an SUV attacked him on June 30.

Those crazy "suspects" and their wild adventures.

According to the report, Andrew Lawson, 26, was forced into a vehicle and then taken to a Pine Bluff hair salon. It was there, surveillance video shows, that a fight went from the vehicle to the parking lot.

This is why you need to be arm…

More Needs to Be Done

For the "gimme gimme" brown mass and the jew communist controlling them concepts like "gratitude" and "personal responsibility" are meaningless. Every genetic failure, every pathetic act of criminality, every display of the character's content is somehow the fault of the White Devil not doing enough. This is after more than half a century where Whites basically laid down and died, quietly handing their nation over to Big jew and its dark pets. It's hard to imagine a larger act of generosity toward creatures that respond with, at best, sullen hostility. At worst they're killing and raping. The magnitude and duration of the "Fix the negro" project is simply staggering. It's failure is an object lesson in how reality can't be wished away, and still they come. The next tax, the next special preference, the next pathetic surrender will surely be the one that fixes a broken race, unlike the thousands already attempted that yielded …