Arkansas Hush Crime: Shot, Beaten, Left for Dead

The dinosaur media has a very clear agenda: ensuring that the destruction of White nations by jew communists continues. To this end, any sort of deceit is acceptable. Since telling outright lies is much harder now, thanks to the internet, lies of omission have become the primary strategy. Just ignore the undeclared, one-sided race war currently raging in the U.S.S.A. We've already won one victory by making it very difficult for the media jew to create fictional "narratives" for anti-White purposes. The next battle is exposing the hush crimes that they try to bury.

A Pine Bluff man is left with multiple injuries after police say several suspects in an SUV attacked him on June 30.

Those crazy "suspects" and their wild adventures.

According to the report, Andrew Lawson, 26, was forced into a vehicle and then taken to a Pine Bluff hair salon. It was there, surveillance video shows, that a fight went from the vehicle to the parking lot.

This is why you need to be armed and vigilant, especially in negro areas or areas they're likely to congregate. Don't become the next forgotten victim, the next unperson buried under a steaming kosher pile of sports and "celebrity news."

Police say Lawson was shot, beaten, and nearly run over.

No one in the national media cares about this racially motivated attack.

"I was surprised that it happened," the victim says. "I'm amazed that I survived, and I'm amazed that someone could do that to another person."

This is the fog of delusion many Whites are trapped in. "I thought they'd be genius doctors, like on the Talmudvision!" For a negro this type of horrific violence is typical. It could have ended much worse.

"I thought okay, this might be the coming death or whatever, I was about to die," says Lawson.

The mindset of too many Whites. Cities destroyed by negroes. Illegal la-teen-oh sewage flooding over an open border. Jews and careerist scumbags controlling our media, government and educational system. This might be the coming death or whatever. It just might.

This week, days after the attack, a crucial piece of evidence is uncovered. The local business where the attack happened had damage to its building, so the owner went to security camera video, which happened to capture the entire attack on Lawson.

Let's see the blurry, worthless footage.

High-quality footage of typical negro behavior.

"Prior to the video coming in the case really didn't have anywhere to go, because the victim was not able to tell us much information about who the suspects were, other than just general descriptions," says Officer Richard Wegner with the Pine Bluff Police Department.

Those "general descriptions" (it was negroes) were not reported, of course.

Police ask that anyone who may recognize the men in the video, or anyone who knows anything about the case, to contact them.

"No arrests were made."

Another scene from a dying nation. A White victim who was totally ignorant of negro genetic failure. Worthless footage from cameras that are going up everywhere. 90 I.Q. police who wouldn't release a description of the attackers because it was "races." Anarchy and tyranny, a center that can not hold. Be armed and ready. The collapse is coming.


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