Chicago: Negro Hammer Attack

We don't have a gun problem. We have a negro problem, we have a la-teen-oh problem, we have a jew problem. We have violent third world animals lurking amongst us, looking for Whites to prey on. We have spiritual sickness where this violence is promoted by the jewish "entertainment" industry and then buried by the dinosaur media. We have a genetic problem, a cultural problem, a racial problem. The only solution is a White nation.

"Guns are bad!" shrieks our kosher enemy, hoping to disarm Whites so they can be slaughtered by the biological weapons being imported with our tax dollars. In Chicago a piece of worthless negro shit attacked two (White?) women with a hammer. The content of their character on display, a city ready for the same mass grave Detroit's body was rolled into.

A hammer-wielding attacker with a long history of mental illness struck two 55-year-old women walking near Navy Pier, causing a head wound to one woman that took about 30 stitches to close, Cook County prosecutors and his family said Thursday.

By "mental illness" we mean the normal mindset of a below average negro specimen. 70 I.Q. Complete inability to connect current actions to future outcomes. Dunning-Kruger delusion. Hatred for Whites fueled by the Telavivision, the public schmuel and our elected criminals. This vile monster is our equal, just ask any good "conservative" from the loser party.

Jawaun Westbrook, 28, was released on parole last month for a conviction on two counts of aggravated battery to a police officer, Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said.

Eroding rule of law. They let this turd out, knowing full well it would resume its pathological behavior, behavior that's typical of the American negro.

On Thursday, Westbrook, who has the word “Kill” tattooed on his left hand, was ordered held on no bail by Judge Peggy Chiampas on two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for the Tuesday night attack.

The building blocks of a healthy democracy.

Westbrook struck two women in the head with a hammer as they walked in the 400 block of North Lower Lake Shore Drive at 6:30 p.m., Scaduto said .

Still not sure if you need to be armed?

The two women told police they were struck from behind, according to a police report. They were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The content of their character. Cowardly attacks on the most vulnerable targets available.

This worthless piece of shit has no place in a White nation.

After the attack Westbrook ran southbound on Lake Shore Drive, Scaduto said. Bikers witnessed the attack near the popular tourist spot. Police, including bike patrol officers, arrested Westbrook and identified as the attacker, she said.
 The victims were almost certainly White. They were seeing the sights, lost in a dream where White America still exists, where we still have our own country. A living fossil attacked. 

And in recent days he had taken to calling 911, speaking gibberish and telling her if the police came he would fight them.

That's a crime, too, but I guess the logic was "we can't punish a moronic negro just for being a moronic negro."

“I don’t need you to be touching me, dog,” Westbrook then muttered to a sheriff’s deputy on his way out after the officer pointed him towards the lockup.

We don't need this creature in a civilized nation.

“Just walk to the back, tough guy,” the officer told Westbrook.

Just go back to Africa.

That prompted the judge to tell the officer his remark was improper and that it was her job, not his, to lecture defendants.

Everything you need to know about the U.S.S.A. in a single sentence. A negro animal being repeatedly processed and released by a "races" justice system. A deputy trying to control this genetic alien. A female judge who thinks that the death of a nation is actually a kindergarten classroom where she gets to be the Mother Hen and scold criminal negroes after they commit horrific crimes. 

Let it all burn.

It's likely this negro won't be seriously punished. It will be released again, maybe murdering a White victim next time. No one is going to protect Whites, we must do it ourselves. Be armed and be vigilant. Avoid the negro. Survive the collapse. Build a White nation.


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