Hungarian Ambassador Names the Jew

The flood of alien sewage crossing our southern border is like Moses or Jesus and it's our JEWdeo-christian duty to allow this worthless garbage into our dead nation. By the same token, Palestinian children represent a clear and present danger to Israel remaining a zionist state and must be blown to bits from a safe distance. We must believe these two conflicting ideas, says the jew behind the curtain. We must embrace our genocide while they cower behind a massive hate wall and blow up hospitals with missiles your tax dollars paid for. They are the Light of the World, they know what the "right thing" is.

In Eastern Europe, in nations that have felt the scourge of jewish communism, Whites are waking up. They're voting for "anti-semitic," i.e. pro-White, parties. They're naming the nation wreckers.

Normally, not many people would pay attention to the Hungarian Ambassador to Italy — even within Hungary or Italy.

Yeah, those little goyim nations aren't even worth one jewish fingernail.

But when the new ambassador is the kind of guy who has written that Jews are "the agents of Satan," it's probably time to start taking note.

More like time to stand up and cheer.

Sunday night, the Hungarian media learned that Péter Szentmihályi Szabó, a former poet and right-wing political commentator, was going to be the next ambassador to Rome. Eva S. Balogh, a Hungarian and former Yale lecturer in Eastern European history, was appalled. "One thing is sure," Balogh wrote: "Szentmihályi Szabó is an inveterate anti-Semite."

None of the issues he raises can be refuted, so we get name-calling instead. Hater! Not See!! Six million precious infants up a chimney!!!

To prove her point, Balogh translated an essay of Szabó's from 2000. It's about Jews, and it's pretty appalling stuff:

It's about jews and it's pretty accurate stuff.

"I don't know, I don't understand why they hate us so much. They live here in Hungary, they speak and write in Hungarian, but they loathe us."

The jew is always an alien and outsider, it always owes its loyalty to the tribe and not whatever nation it has chosen to leech off.

"I really don't understand why they stay if it is that bad here, in this welcoming country that is so foolishly patient."

This really says it all. White nations are "races" and "evil" but the invaders are banging down our doors to get in.

"It is not difficult to recognize them because they are cowardly and impertinent at the same time."

They have no physical courage, they hide behind assumed names and "charitable" organizations. At the same time, they're literally destroying White civilization from within. Money and words are their bullets and bombs, the media and educational system the Long March.

"Money is their God, their mother tongue in which they have trusted from time immemorial."

"Dark circles under their eyes, flabby skin, clammy palms, cold feet, freakish smiles give them away."

"They can be found everywhere on the earth. They are the agents of Satan. They arouse fear and they live off of fear. They create turmoil and discord."

"They are the debt collectors. The ones who first figured out that money "works" without labor although there are no goods behind the merchandise, only a piece of metal, a piece of paper, or by now only a digital symbol on the computer."

"Everybody is afraid of them, yet they dread those who fear them. The world's strongest army guards their security, and yet they still don't dare to get close to those whose rights they defend so loudly."

The goal is to destroy the West and somehow dodge all the horrors that will follow. It's evil madness.

In the 2014 election, Jobbik won about 20 percent of the vote. In that context, Orbán appointing an open anti-Semite to an important ambassadorial post may not be a pure accident, and is a troubling sign that the mainstream and extreme right in Hungary may not be as far off as they appear. Amidst a week of anti-Semitic incidents in Europe linked to the Gaza conflict, the Szabó incident is a reminder that older forms of European anti-Semitism are still around.

Europe is waking up. The hour is late, but there's still time to save our homelands after the damage dealt by the jewish century.

Full Story.

The jewish goal is White genocide. We must resist, we must name the kosher bastards. Organized and awakened Whites can defeat them. We must save our White nations from the parasitic alien.


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  2. In Ireland we recently were relieved that zionist jew Alan Shatter resigned from a choice position in Ireland as Minister for Justice AND Defense. The portfolio for immigration is held by this office.

    Yes in a 99% White country a jew managed to worm in to being in charge immigration. What a surprise! Anyway the Zio-clown messed up on policing and was relived of his position as a result of a scandal. The immigration damage was on-going but driven exclusively by him. The Occidental Observer piece below shows what he got up to.

    Thankfully the political will to support immigrant in Ireland will be non-existent as Irish people and native Irish politicians will not be enthusiastic about loads of useless nigerians arriving when so many of our own are leaving on the adjacent departing plane.

    Small mercies.

    Ireland hated Shatter instinctively. I can only hope that on some level we knew he was different, on some level we saw the parasite.

    Europe needs to wake up quicker though.


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