Multiple Failed Attempts

According to recent estimates Whites will become a hated minority in the U.S.S.A. in 2042. The jews controlling our government apparently aren't happy with this timetable for genocide and are doing everything possible to increase the flood of brown sewage across our open border. In less than thirty years every other face in America will be brown, their moronic animal features permanently screwed into an expression of sullen hatred for the few remaining Whites. The tan everyman, the talmudic promise of thousands of gentile slaves, an alien nation. No culture, no intelligence, no vision, no future.

As disturbing as that indisputable fact is, the truth is Whites will be politically marginalized long before we become the only minority with no special rights. It may have already happened. Whites, unlike every other race, don't vote as a monolith. The kosher cultural encirclements of feminism, the sodomite agenda, materialism, equality madness, and all the rest have left us divided and conquered. Normal White America is trapped in a shrinking pocket, surrounded by rabbinical sickness on every side. We're not going to vote our way out of the mess, the Loser Party is not going to save us. The answer is to restore our common vision and purpose toward White Nationalism.

In the meantime, we have a pathetic, self-inflicted collapse to survive.

A Mexican national deported from the US four times has been arrested in Texas for allegedly molesting a nine-year-old girl and stealing her underpants.

A foreign invader got the "don't do that again, wink wink" treatment four times. This filthy piece of third world shit preyed on a little girl.

Israel Andrade, 35, allegedly broke into the Springtown home early Saturday morning and groped the girl in her sleep, before motioning for her to join him in a bedroom.

This very aptly named two-legged cancer is only here because of the full treasonous surrender of our ruling criminals. This is what they want. National suicide, a horrific home invasion by a criminal may-hee-can described as if it were an ordinary occurrence. Soon it will be.

Andrade's arrest and the multiple failed attempts to keep him out of the country has sparked calls for tighter security at the US-Mexico border, with local sheriffs peititoning the federal government for more resources.

The sheep beg for the wolf to do something about their slaughter.

She said the man, who spoke in broken English, beckoned her to follow him into a bedroom where he broke into the home. He fled when the girl ran screaming to her parents' room.

Sex monsters who can't even speak the an-glee. Natural conservatives. This is what you what you voted for, White man.

"Eyyy. I vote for Jeb Bush, I theeennk."

Investigators found Andrade at a relative’s house about a mile away, where he'd been staying for about 30 days after returning from Mexico. Police said he was found sleeping on one of the stolen phones.

Committing the crimes Americans won't. Here for better child rape.

According to Dallas News, police also found two pairs of the child’s underpants stuffed in the suspect's jeans and a pair of tennis shoes with a tread pattern matching footprints at the girl's home. 

The new base of the Loser Party, we are told. The permanent underclass of moronic criminals that will be used to cremate our nation's corpse. 

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said Andrade's deportation history proved the need for tighter security along the southern border.

Yeah. No shit.

More foreign invasion is a Good Thing, just ask any of our elected criminals. Whites must be marginalized and destroyed. This is the closest thing to a national vision in a country that has lost its mind and soul. Old America is gone forever. A White nation must replace it.


  1. "As disturbing as that indisputable fact is, the truth is Whites will be politically marginalized long before we become the only minority with no special rights."

    Since no one knows what the mantra's "anti-racist" is I think I will plaster this new mantra everywhere until people get the message...


    Hopefully when I write this on main stream media outlet comment sections the all-caps will induce people and censors to thinking that it was written by a "minority" and it may well as a result slip under the radar and be read by the leftists as some piece of African-American wisdom.

    I suspect the results will be like a computer trying to calculate 1÷0


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